Beanie Boy’s First Day of School

Well it finally came, Beanie Boy’s First Day of School. Being a late September baby has meant that Beanie Boy has started school a year later than many of his Preschool friends and whilst I felt that it was a shame initially, I think in the long run it will do him good because he has another year to learn life skills and grow in confidence before starting out in Reception. When he started Preschool back in 2012 he was excited but when it came for me to say goodbye he had tears for the first couple of sessions and whilst it’s hard to watch and walk away from, that’s exactly what I did and he soon settled down to enjoy his time. I did wonder how he would be starting school.


This Summer his confidence has grown in leaps and bounds (sometimes I’ve felt perhaps a little too much confidence?!) but this morning as he donned his School uniform I saw a twinge of nerves creep over him. Whilst we were away on holiday I spotted some Worry Dolls in a shop and bought two, one for Little Bean and one for Beanie Boy. Little Bean very much believes in Fairies and all things magical so I knew she would love it but Beanie Boy I wasn’t so sure. When I gave him the Worry Doll and explained it to him he looked a little perplexed but this morning as I walked past his bedroom I saw him holding the Worry Doll in his hands and he said “I’m a little bit nervous about starting school today . . . ” then he thought for a moment before continuing “but I’m excited too so I think I’m going to be alright!”.

As we left the house and made our way to school he was very bouyant and full of smiles, he had a look of pride on his face as he carried his new book bag and his drinks bottle. As he approached his classroom he was met by his new teacher who he already knew as being Little Bean’s Year 1 teacher. His face suddenly looked a little more serious and once in the classroom he was directed by Teaching Assistants to put his “book bag here”, his “coat there”, his drinks bottle “over there” and I think he found it all a little overwhelming as his demeanor changed and I could see that he was starting to wobble a little. We spotted the book buckets on the floor and Beanie Boy grabbed one then sat down to read with Daddy and calm was restored. A few moments later one of his best friends from preschool arrived and he put a big smile on his face. When it was time to leave he happily gave us a big kiss and then sat chatting with his friend on the floor.


I collected him today at 12.15pm and he said that he’d had a great morning singing songs, wrapping his Teacher in bandages (team building I assume) and then he excitedly told me that he had made a new friends but had forgotten to ask his name. He said that one little girl was sick (hopefully just nerves not a bug already) and then he wanted to know what was for lunch. I’m so pleased that my little man enjoyed his first day, I always knew he would be ok but it doesn’t stop us parents worrying does it.

When we were away camping last week I told him that when he goes to school he has to listen carefully and learn lots so that when he leaves school he can get a good job earning lots of money so that he can buy me flowers, chocolates and take me out for a meal once in a while. He looked at me with a confused smile on his face and said “but I will still only be a little boy when you pick me up, so I can’t get a job yet?!” – so funny bless him.

Did you have a child starting school this year? I hope it went well xx


5 thoughts on “Beanie Boy’s First Day of School”

  1. Aww bless him, the first day can be a little overwhelming with lots of new things to learn about. I’m pleased that he had settled by the time you left. Tigger’s first day isn’t until Monday (eek)

  2. Awww bless him. I am glad he got on well and hope he changes his mind about you picking him up from work when he is older. Eliza went in with not backward glance!!

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