What to Do When You Cannot Do It All: Balancing Senior Care and Child Care

A family’s well-being is one of the most important things a mum can ever strive for. It’s common for us to want to do it all, including loving our spouses, being a gracious host, raising balanced kids, taking on a job or homeschooling, and perhaps balancing senior care for your older family. At the end of the day, however, we are all human. If we’re going to give everyone the attention they deserve, we must create a careful balance where everyone’s needs are fulfilled. It can be difficult and even seem impossible, especially when you have younger children and beloved seniors to care for. Luckily, help is at hand.

Why ‘doing it all’ isn’t always the right thing

Sometimes we can get so obsessed with keeping up appearances; we forget why we’re trying to do everything perfectly in the first place: we want a happy, healthy family whose needs are fully met. We should not lose sight that we’re not always the only people who can meet those needs.

If your parents or grandparents are fit and generally healthy, having an older family member living with you could be the best scenario for you all. It allows them to have more time with their grandchildren, save costs, as well as take some of the burdens of child-rearing off of your busy shoulders. Chances are you won’t have too much work added to your hectic schedule, and being able to share directly in their golden years can be incredibly rewarding.

Alternatively, you may have a fiercely independent senior who wants to stay in their home. If they’re socially engaged, fit enough to take care of themselves day-to-day, and have no mental worries that may stop medication and meals being taken, then this can also be ideal for them.

When life isn’t ideal, it’s time to accept help

Balancing Senior Care and Child Care

What happens, however, when there are health challenges in the way? Handling the uncertainties of ALS, dementia, Alzheimers, or other serious quality-of-life challenges can be overwhelming, and many of these situations have steep learning curves to conquer. You want your beloved senior to have the best possible quality of life, but you also have a young family relying on you to hold everything together.

Your next step doesn’t need to be a care home. In-home care offers you the chance to bring in fully trained support to help your senior navigate their new challenges while relieving some of the care burdens on your shoulders. Often, the senior receives a higher quality of care, as their in-home carer can focus solely on the senior, a luxury you don’t always have as you chase down your little ones.

It helps build structure back into their lives and provides a support network for your seniors and you to lean on as you navigate rough times together. Yet, they can remain as an anchor in the family environment, in a home that’s safe and secure for them as well as a source of treasured memories.

When you can’t do it all, asking for help is what smart moms do. Senior care, especially where complicating conditions arise, is no walk in the park. Using an in-home care service is the perfect answer to keep an ailing senior with their family, ensuring they receive all the care and attention they need, all without your family losing out on precious time.

What to Do When You Cannot Do It All: Balancing Senior Care and Child Care 2

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