Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Josh Gibson MD Grant or Other Scholarships

Getting a scholarship is anything but easy given the intense competition and the strict application review process. This makes it important for you to not only ensure your application highlights your merits but is also free of mistakes. Some of the most common mistakes made by students when applying for scholarships:

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Josh Gibson MD Grant or Other Scholarships
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Applying for Too Many Scholarships

Most students are under the impression that if they apply for more scholarships, their chances of getting one increase. However, you could very well overextend yourself if the due dates of several scholarships overlap and end up compromising on the quality of your application essay and making factual, grammatical, and spelling mistakes. You should, therefore, apply to only those scholarships where you have a better chance of success.

Not Submitting a Complete Application 

If you are making too many applications or leaving things to the last, you could end up submitting incomplete applications that could ruin your chances of winning the scholarship. The correct way of submitting your Josh Gibson MD Scholarship application is to read all the instructions carefully and make a checklist of the items you have to submit along with the form, such as reference letters, transcripts, etc. don’t miss out on any item.

Not Customising Your Essay to Suit the Requirements

Many students think that one of the best ways of saving on time when hard-pressed to submit multiple applications is to submit the same essay with all the applications. However, the selection committee easily notices a generic essay, and you lose out on a chance to tailor your essay to highlight your application to make it suit what the organisation is seeking. It is important that you research the organisation and find out why they are awarding the scholarship to correlate your achievements with the goals of the scholarship awarding organisation, observes a member of the selection committee of the Josh Gibson MD Grant.

Submitting a Poor-Quality Essay

Your scholarship essay is among the biggest differentiators that can help you to win a scholarship. Even though you may not have excellent writing skills, you should make it a point to pick an inspiring subject and write it out in a way that reflects your enthusiasm. Ensure that you choose a topic that best addresses the questions that have been asked. You should also identify the essay’s main points to structure it as per the organisation’s objectives awarding the scholarship. Make your essay relatable and interesting, and stick to the word count limit. According to CNN, you should focus on applying to awards for which you are more suited.

But be aware that sponsors are giving out awards based on specific criteria, whether athletic, artistic, or academic. So, look for awards for which you have those kinds of skills.”


You should review your scholarship application at least a couple of times so that you can identify and rectify inaccuracies and address weak points. It is critical that you submit your application in time, free of errors, and structured in a way to highlight your strong points.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Josh Gibson MD Grant or Other Scholarships 1

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