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A totally tiring “adult” day – shopping!!

This weekend we had some very special house guests and my lovely hubby suggested that me and J had some “child-free” time as we are both stay at home Mums. He and K took the 3 children (all under 3) to the local soft play centre for the day whilst we HIT THE SHOPS!!! We obviously didn’t take much persuading to go with this plan so headed out for our day of child-free, buggy free, adult time!! 

Initially it was exciting being able to wander freely around the shops without having to navigate a buggy-friendly route, we could stand and stare at the latest must-have clothes without our children screaming to move on. We didn’t have to fight with the squashed aisles to get the buggy through like it was some kind of off-road course for 4×4’s or wrestle the items which our kiddies had stolen as we walked buy! 

BUT we did soon realise just how great it really is to go shopping WITH a buggy, they have great shopping baskets underneath where you can store all your purchases, you can lean against it when your feet are killing you from wearing the “too-high-for-shopping” shoes. I also didn’t realise just how much I lean forward onto my buggy, I felt quite unbalanced

without it! By the end of the day, we were well and truly shattered and our purses were rather on the hungry side. We returned home to our fraught husbands who’d had much fun with the children, our children were exhausted and ready for bed so we treated our guys to some “man-time” at the local pub whilst we fed the kiddies and put them to bed. So all in all, a lovely day was had by all.

And to finish, a curry, some wine (for the ladies), beer (for the men) and a spot of Wii Raymen Raving Rabbids – then SLEEP!!!

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