Why I loved Aquanatal Yoga

Whilst I was pregnant with Beanie Boy, I attended Aquanatal Yoga Classes through CalmaBaby in Peterborough. I had always wanted to do the classes when I was pregnant with Little Bean, but I never got around to it. 

Aquanatal Classes

Why I loved Aquanatal Yoga

When I fell pregnant with Beanie Boy, I promised myself that I would get myself booked in at the earliest opportunity, and I am so pleased that I did, in more ways than one. It was money very well spent in my opinion.

Total relaxation

The Aquanatal Yoga classes were brilliant, so relaxing I’m not sure whether I drove home or floated; I certainly slept well (at home, not in the car!). 

The classes were designed to aid relaxation and to open up the pelvis in preparation for birth.  We were taught breathing techniques which would help us in labour, and do you know what, they really did help! 

I’m not generally very good at relaxation and switching off to the outside world, but something clicked within me when I attended the aquanatal classes.  Suddenly, I connected with my subconscious and my body; in labour, I managed to focus on my breathing by imagining that I was back in the pool – at times during labour, I had panic attacks. Still, through my mind, I could calm myself again using the techniques I had learnt.


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The other fantastic thing about the aquanatal course was meeting some great new friends.  There were five expectant Mums in my Aquanatal class due around the same time, and we all went on to have boys.  We have managed to keep in touch with each other through Facebook and texting. 

On Friday, I met up with one Mummy and her little boy; today, we were all to meet up, but unfortunately, some were sick.  This photo is of Baby B, Beanie Boy and Baby N.  Baby N was born 3 days before Beanie Boy, and Baby B was born two weeks after – I think it’s fair to say that my little man is the titchiest of the lot.

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