A glimpse of the old days . . .

Would you just listen to me, I sound like a 70 year old not a 35 year old!! “oooh Gertie do you remember when we used to go over by yonder and have a twirl round the floor . . .”. Well it’s not quite like that but many moons ago when Little Bean was just a baby, right up to being 6 months pregnant with Beanie Boy, I used to go out walking regularly with a group of Mummy friends, but more frequently with just the one friend Karin (Cafebebe) and as women do, we would use that time to put the world to rights, moan, rant and have a good laugh. We still walked fairly regularly once Beanie Boy arrived although pushing a double buggy was definitely much tougher on the quads and the gluteus maximus (very maximus in my case!!!) and so we became more fair weather walkers. Then of course Karin fell pregnant with the gorgeous Sam and so we found even more excuses to put off our walks, that and the fact that we never seemed to have the time to frivolously spend just walking.

Mummy Matters

BUT (yes another big butt – ha ha) this morning when we rather too excitedly dropped our girls off at school for the first day of the New Year we decided to walk the long way back to Karin’s house around the village to get some fresh air, exercise and have a catch up on what we have missed over the past week or so since we last saw each other. It was great to get out walking again, it felt just like old times, the only difference was the babies were now boys, not girls and I still forgot my gloves – some things never change! And if I get my gluteus maximus into gear we may walk the long way back to school when we collect in a short while so look out puddles here we come!!

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