004/366 – Not the best picture

new baby

So this isn’t actually the best photograph I’ve ever taken but it was the only opportunity I could get to snap a picture of Little Bean with baby Sam when she asked for a cuddle with his this afternoon. I asked for a photograph and she quickly tried to push Sam back into my lap as she is feeling a little camera shy at the moment.

Sam was GORGEOUS today, he was awake for pretty much our entire visit and I managed to prise him out of Karin’s grip long enough to have a cuddle AND give him a bottle, although I did pass him back to Mummy for winding because I’m rubbish at winding (yes I used to do that with my babies too, Daddy and Karin were always good at getting the wind up! I just used to get sick up!!).

Thank you for a lovely afternoon, it’s a shame the day went downhill from there on xx

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