They must have known . . .

2012-01-03 Just a few days before Christmas a parcel arrived addressed to the Mummy Matters family which put a smile on all our faces. I am so easily pleased I was excited by the gorgeous hessian sack trimmed with red polka dot ribbon and a huge gold bell but once we opened the sack we couldn’t believe our eyes.

The generous people at Warner Brothers had sent us a Christmas sack full of family DVDs including the Polar Express which has been digitally remastered in 3D, the entire collection of Scooby Doo, Happy Feet and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas to name just a few. I have seen the Polar Express a couple of times now but it’s one of those films that I just don’t get bored of watching, perhaps because I only ever watch it at Christmas time because I love nothing more than watching Christmas movies in the run-up to Christmas to get me into the spirit.

So on the Thursday before Christmas once Beanie Boy had gone to bed for his nap, I got out the blankets and snuggled Little Bean up on the sofa and set the DVD to play whilst I went to the kitchen to make us a drink and get us some snacks to eat in front of the film. Little Bean stayed quiet for the entire film apart from the odd oooh and ahhh here and there, but at the end of the DVD she turned to me and said “I loved that DVD Mummy, it was brilliant” and so I responded with “it is lovely isn’t it, it’s one of my favourite Christmas films” and couldn’t believe her comeback “yes but Mummy I saw the whole film, you didn’t because you were making drinks so you missed some and that was a really good bit!”. Honestly sometimes I wonder about her!!

I wasn’t sure how many of the DVDs we would manage to watch over the holiday period as Hubby was off work and so we planned on having a few days out but sadly that was not to be. If you saw this post then you will already know that our house should have had a big red cross painted on the front of it, not a holly wreath because my Mum and the children were really poorly for the whole week and so we spent much of it just cuddled up under blankets in the lounge watching DVDs and just chilling out. In hindsight it was probably good for us to do this as we never ‘just sit’ we are always rushing here and there so thank you Warner Brothers, you saved the day (well the holiday) by keeping us entertained in our moments of need. The great thing about all of the DVDs were that they were all good for the children to watch but not too babyish that Hubby and I couldn’t watch them too, although there is only so much Scooby Doo that Hubby and I can take so they were ushered to the confines of the playroom for those!

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