7 Fun Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

Fitness plays a very vital role in one’s life. Physical exercise helps not just the body but also the mind. A few stretches and a morning walk helps you think clearly, and make effective decisions throughout the day. Not only for us, but exercise and physical activities are essential for our beloved pets’ well-being. However, a specific type of physical exercise may not be apt for all pets. Some love to walk around sniffing, while others enjoy fetching a frisbee in the park.

So, as a pet parent, you should find out and practice some physical exercises that work for both you and your dog. To help you better, here are seven fun ways to exercise with your dog. Feel free to try them all with your fluffy buddy and decide what he likes.

7 Fun Ways To Exercise With Your Dog
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1.  Running

Running is one of the best ways for you and your buddy to get in shape. The best part about running is that most dog breeds enjoy doing it. However, like any other physical activity, you need to train your puppy physically and mentally before hitting the trail. Starting with a casual walking or jogging session with a short leash is better as it prevents leash pulling and zig-zag running. Always make sure that your dog is away from vehicles while walking on a road. However, if you have a trail nearby, make sure that your dog has proper identification tags if you want him to run off-leash.

2.  Dog Yoga or Doga

Yoga helps calm the mind and spirit, making the body flexible. It’s known that there is an asana (pose) for every part of your body in yoga. Though practised for several centuries now, many trends are emerging in yoga. One of them suitable for pet parents is dog yoga or doga, the trend of practising yoga with your dog. It has several benefits, such as helping your dog stay calm and relaxed, strengthening your bond with the dog, and so on. Well, for you, it helps release stress and relaxes the mind.

3.  Swimming

The best way to exercise with your dog and beat the scorching heat during summers is by going for a swim. However, not all breeds of dogs can swim efficiently. It’s better to use a lifejacket for your dog until it gets used to the idea of swimming. Introduce your pup buddy to the shallow waters by either carrying it with you or by itself, notice whether it likes the idea, and takes off swimming. However, the life jacket comes in handy to get your dog familiar with swimming if it does not enjoy it initially.

4.  Group exercises at a dog park

Here’s another best way to exercise with your dog. Find a dog park in your locality and take your dog so it can spend some time and use its energy more efficiently among other dogs. Dogs tend to enjoy and play better when in groups surrounded by other playful dogs. Make sure there is an identification tag on your dog’s collar, and let him explore with other dogs indulging in various games and outdoor activities independently. Moreover, you can gather some of your pet parent friends with their dogs on weekends and train with them together.

5.  Fetch Games

One of the favourite games that dogs enjoy playing is fetching. Whether it’s a ball or a frisbee, dogs love to run around and fetch it back to you. It’s a fun and simple activity that even most pet parents with busy schedules can practice with their pup buddies. You can use your backyard for training your dog with its running and fetching skills. If you are in the mood for shedding some calories, then you can combine running with fetch. It’s simple, throw a frisbee for your dog to fetch and run in the opposite direction and wait until your dog fetches the object back to you.

6.  Hiking

Hiking is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it can be a pleasant experience for uplifting and the betterment of body, mind, and soul for both you and your dog with practice and proper planning. As it is a strenuous physical activity out in nature, it is challenging to get your dog familiar with the idea of it. Pick a short hiking trail that is less intense at the beginning rather than heading out to an intense one. Ensure you carry adequate water as you and your buddy may feel dehydrated as the hike gets hilly. Also, a first aid kit may be handy in case of any injuries and emergencies.

7.  Morning walk with a twist

A simple yet effective way to exercise with your dog is to go out for a morning walk. Most of the pet parents and their dogs are familiar with this morning routine. However, it is more effective when practised differently. Usually, the owner walks the dog with a leash. However, you can do the opposite by letting your dog walk you. Be ready to explore the less-visited spots around the park and the walking trail with your buddy.

Final Thoughts

That sums up the list of seven fun ways to exercise with your dog. However, please contact the veterinarian before introducing your dog to any specific physical activity and seek their opinion. They can guide you better if your dog can withstand the exercise’s severity, both physically and mentally.

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