Bringing a dog home is the best decision you could ever make. They’re adorable bundles of joy that somehow turn your previously well-managed house into a chaotic yet loving home.

When people say dogs change your life, they’re not exactly kidding. Apart from the barking and a highly energetic presence, your house is bound to have fur sprinkled furniture, messy floors with muddy paw prints. All courtesy to your precious pup!

But that doesn’t mean your house has to be a pig-sty 24/7. Hygiene and order can still be maintained! So, keep reading to learn about a few tips and tricks that’ll make your house cleaning process a lot easier.

Vacuum Can Save You from a Drab Room


Along with shedding a large amount of hair and fur, dogs bring many miscellaneous things in from the garden as well. The best and fastest way to clean all that up is to use a vacuum.

Now, the whole process is kind of repetitive because dogs don’t really stop what they do. You’ll notice that once you’ve finished vacuuming, new hair has already been shed, and other backyard things have already found their way onto your floors. That’s why automatic vacuums are the real deal!

Automatic vacuums, also known as robot vacuums, don’t need a person to run them. They can work by themselves and don’t really require human supervision. So, listen to my advice and invest in a good quality robot vacuum cleaner!

Roll Away the Fluff

Although vacuums are great, you can’t really clean your entire house with them. That’s where lint rollers come in. A lint roller will get rid of all the fur on hard-to-reach places with other cleaning tools like lampshades, furniture, pillows, and even your clothes. If you’re a dog owner, I’d definitely suggest getting a lint roller or even something like a hand vacuum for small-scale cleaning.

Doggy Pedicures

Yes, you’ve read it right. I’m actually suggesting you give your dog a pedicure. Before you assume I am crazy and go away, hear me out.

When your dog has long nails, it can actually damage your wooden floors, leather furniture, and even your curtains. But you can easily avoid these problems by clipping off your dog’s nails regularly. This won’t hurt your dog, and it’s quite a fun experience, leading to less cleaning for you. A doggy pedicure is always a win-win situation. Trust me!

Getting Rid of Stains

If you’re a dog owner, you’re obviously no stranger to stains. Even the best-behaved dog might end up ruining the carpet because of an upset stomach. The best thing to do is clean away the stain as soon as you see it. Please don’t leave it for later. There are actually some pretty efficient carpet cleaners available in the market. Use them to get rid of stains as well as the odour that comes along with it.

Keep Those Paws Clean

Dogs love playing outdoors, but to the owner’s dismay, they bring back a lot of debris and dirt along. Although this can’t be avoided, there is a solution. Make sure to place doormats at the entrance of your doors. These will take care of half the dirt for you.

Another thing you could do is keep a washable rug or towel by the door as well. So, whenever your dog walks in, its paws can be cleaned.

Cover all the Special Spots


Even though we’ve all arranged a special place for our dogs to nap and chill, they have a mind of their own. It’s very normal for a dog to have a few favourite spots around the house where it takes a snooze and unwinds. And those spots are often, unfortunately, your beloved sofas and pillows.

Well, the best way to protect them from your canine’s fur is to keep them covered. Keep a few washable sheets at hand and throw them on. This will also protect your furniture from stains and that insufferable doggy smell.

Contain the Food Mess

Food is not just a messy situation for babies, but dogs as well. Your dog’s dining area is bound to be dirty, with scattered kibble and slurped water spreading everywhere. This is not a pretty sight. So, what you can do is place the food bowls on a tray. This makes monitoring mess and cleaning so much easier!

Choose Sturdy Materials

Sturdy furniture and long-lasting, washable fabrics are key to a dog-friendly home. Everyone wants a fancy-looking house, but when you own a dog, you’ve got to be a little more practical when choosing materials. In the spots where your dog loves to lounge around, the furniture and carpets should be made of a stain-resistant material, which is easily cleaned. Of course, accidents are bound to happen so if you need professional carpet cleaning service in London and Greater London would recommend you using the services of

Control the Clutter

If you’re guilty of showering your dog with toys as I do, you’ll know how messy playtime can get. Keep those toys under control by putting them in cute baskets or a separate cupboard. And don’t take out more than two toys at once. Also, declutter as much as you can. Let’s be real; your dog doesn’t play with all the toys you buy. So, do yourself and other dogs a favour, and donate them to a dog shelter!

Give Your Dog Regular Baths

This one’s quite obvious. The cleaner you keep your dog, the cleaner your house will be. Also, regular baths will not only make your dog smell great, but they’ll also stop your house from accumulating that dog stink. Try getting anti-flea dog shampoo that smells like lavender or peppermint. Trust me; this will take away half of all your canine-related cleaning problems!

Final Thoughts

When you own a dog, you’ve got to accept that your house will need a little more scrubbing than before. However, this is hardly a problem when comparing it to the amazing positives of owning a dog. Dogs teach us how to care for another living being and love selflessly without expecting anything in return.

So, what if they make your house untidy? At least they’re cute while wrecking all that havoc! As for the cleaning, follow the tips above, and I guarantee a lot of your problems will go away.

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