6 Sleep Stealers Everyone Should Know About

Everyone desires to get good and satisfactory sleep every night. However, sometimes you find yourself not getting as much sleep as you should. What could be the problem? Many things do affect the quality and quantity of sleep you get. Thus, it is best to ensure that you have the basic things to rule them out. So, ensure you sleep on a quality Serta mattress, you follow a sleep routine, the room is clean, among many other things. In this article, you will learn of 6 sleep stealers that many people have no idea about. 

1. Getting older

6 Sleep Stealers Everyone Should Know About

The biological clock that everyone has helps to determine when to sleep and wake up. However, past the age of 40, the clock shifts, and you will start waking up earlier, and the amount of sleep you get decreases. Also, research shows that by the time you are in your 60s, you wake up two hours earlier than in your 30s. To get better sleep with the age sleep stealer, reschedule your bedtime to accommodate the new sleep schedule of your body. As you grow older, getting to bed earlier helps you sleep easily. 

2. Drinking alcohol before bed 

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Since alcohol has a sedative effect, it will make you sleepy fast, but you will not get a restful night’s sleep. Therefore, alcohol is known to make your night fragmented and restless. It is a sleep stealer that you can decide to do without or avoid hours to bedtime. Drinking earlier gives your body time to metabolise your drink before you head to bed. Also, you can opt to drink relaxing drinks like chamomile, passionflower, or hibiscus tea that help promote sleep. 

3. Breathing problems 

6 Sleep Stealers Everyone Should Know About 2

Sometimes you can get a stuffy nose from cold or seasonal allergies. This will cause you to toss and turn as you are having difficulty in breathing. Plus, there are breathing issues that narrow the airway severely, such as large tonsils, deviated septum, nasal polyps, and others, and these are sleep stealers as well. If you experience difficulty breathing, lying on your side will not treat the issue but help you sleep better. Avoid sleeping on your back as it worsens the issue. Visit your doctor if the problem gets worse to get treatment and start sleeping well.

4. Acid reflux 

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Acid reflux creates a discomfort that wakes you up in the middle of your sleep. People that suffer from chronic acid reflux have constant sleep problems than those that have none. A solution to this sleep stealer is incorporating a lifestyle change. Eat smaller meals, lose weight, and not eating late at night goes a long way. At the same time, occasional bouts of acid reflux can be sorted out with antacids. If your issue persists, consult a doctor as there could be other triggers to your acid reflux, such as cardiac diseases, and only a doctor can make a proper diagnosis. 

5. Being a caregiver 

If you are a caregiver to a relative or friend, it can easily disrupt sleep. Not only does being anxious and sad as a caregiver affect your sleep, but there is much more stress that will cause you to have poor quality and quantity of sleep. Therefore, to sleep more restfully as a caregiver, you need peace of mind. So, take steps to reduce anxiety, especially at night, by practising relaxation activities. In case you worry, a loved one may fall as they go to the bathroom. You can hire a nighttime attendant, have a friend or family come and help with the night shift. Optionally, install low-level lighting to help them see the path at night. 

6. Vitamin D deficiency 

Vitamin D deficiency

Did you know that vitamin D deficiency is a problem most adults have linked to cancer, weaker bones, cardiovascular disease, and poor sleep? Therefore, everyone, especially adults, must get their daily dose of vitamin D. Get sun exposure to have your body producing vitamin D. Also, eat foods rich in vitamin D such as eggs, fatty fish, orange juice to boost your levels of vitamin D. Notably, always consult your doctor before taking any supplements, more so if you have other prescriptions. 

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