The Ingredients Your New Business Needs: Consistency And Simplicity

A lot of people have decided to embark on new journeys and start new businesses in 2021.

There is a lot to consider here. From ensuring industry compliance to implementing single touch payroll to pay your staff, the list is never-ending. However, one thing that you certainly need to address is your online presence.

The Ingredients Your New Business Needs: Consistency And Simplicity

A professional design agency should do web development. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long term, and it will look much better than if designed by an amateur. Something that all agencies know is that a web design needs to be consistent. Why is that so important?

The human race loves consistency in all forms, not just when it is related to web design. We use sight more than any other sense – it is certainly the first to come into play in most situations. Therefore, it is always essential to ensure that a brand (including a website) is as consistent as possible. This will keep people interested and not turn them away. Finding a sense of familiarity as you browse through a website will make the visitor feel more comfortable, and that in turn makes them stay on the site for longer, which helps with search engine rankings. 

Speak to your chosen web design agency about making your website consistent with the rest of your brand – this will give you a professional, sleek look on your website. Using a reputable eCommerce platform assists with this. 

A harmonious, attractive setting will inspire confidence and show that you have thought about how your business website should look. This will gain your trust. First impressions count hugely, and perhaps never more so than on a website – yours should look good, consistent, and work as it is supposed to. 

The Top Tip Is To Keep Things Simple

A badly designed website that is difficult to use and navigate through, or takes a long time to load, will not attract potential customers. Simply having a website alone is not enough to guarantee sales. It has to be good – better yet, it should be exceptional. Unless you have a truly unique product that cannot be found elsewhere, then it is down to your website to sell you and your business. If it does not, customers will look elsewhere. 

Talk to your web design team about optimising your website, as this will help you. But the website still needs to be easy to navigate, even after it has been optimised and is easier and quicker to load. For example, people need to return straight to the homepage no matter where they are on the site, so make sure they can. Don’t be tempted to allow the design to become too radical or hide all the menus – it won’t do you any favours. 

As you can see, if your website is to be a success, it must be consistent and simple.

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