Top 6 Australian Road Trip Tours for 2020-2021

One of the biggest problems with planning a family vacation right now is the fact that your options may be quite limited. Due to the global pandemic, a lot of resorts are completely closed off, which is why the majority of government bodies and health organisations propagate socialising within your closest family. Generally speaking, going on a road trip is one such idea. Instead of staying in motels or hotels, you could rent/buy a camper or even go on a camping trip. Here are six potential Australian Road Trip Tours that you could take on.

1. The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a trip that spans from Torquay to Allansford and it’s generally one of the first suggestions that the majority of Australians will give you when you ask about road trip ideas. When you pick the right season to embark on the trip, you’ll face mesmerizing views and favourable road conditions. Along the road, you will also encounter a 19th-century shipwreck which is, on its own, a sight to behold. The cliffs and beaches that you will see along the way are some of the most incredible testaments of nature there are.

2. Hobart to Launceston

For those who are looking to complete a Hobart to Launceston trip, this is a journey that approximately takes four days, which is why it’s great for an extended weekend or a short holiday. It also gives you a great opportunity to get to know the island of Tasmania as well as possible. Of course, you can also take it a bit slower and expand your itinerary to as much as 14 days. In fact, why not do both of these things, thus experiencing this majestic island in two completely different ways.

3. The Savannah Way

Since this particular trip is across the outback, you should definitely be prepared for what lies ahead. You should take a powerful vehicle (preferably a 4WD) and make sure that it’s in optimal condition. Also, if you plan to work a bit on upgrading the performance of the vehicle, now’s the right time. For instance, you could look for the ideal tires for these road conditions or even look for outstanding motor accessories. This is also one of the areas with some incredible national parks (for instance, Boodjamulla National Park). This alone can turn the trip into an educational one.

4. The Big Lap

Those who are quite ambitious and aren’t afraid of the staggering vastness of this continent-country might want to embark on the so-called Big Lap. This is a road trip that is 15,000 kilometres long. It connects the seven capital cities skirting almost the entire Australian coastline. Keep in mind that this is a journey that will take you through all the Australian biomes and landscape types. It will also give you a chance to travel the entirety of the continent in a single trip, which is definitely something that not a lot of people can boast with.

5. Cairns to Cape York

For those planning a Queensland-based adventure, the road trip from Cairns to Cape York is an adventure that you shouldn’t miss out on. This will allow you to visit the Australian tropical north, and experience a road trip adventure like no other. Due to the fact that some of these instances are quite challenging, you should probably pick a 4WD vehicle just so that you stay on the safer side. In order to ensure favourable road conditions, you should probably pick a date between May and October. The itinerary itself can be downloaded online.

6. Gibb River Road

Families and individuals planning to explore Western Australia have the best chance of experiencing this beautiful countryside by going on a Gibb River Road adventure. This route is also a part of WA’s economic history, seeing as how this 660-kilometer road was cut in order to facilitate numerous cattle stock drives. One piece of advice for those who do plan to take on this adventure – the petrol on this road trip tends to be quite expensive. So, if you’re taking a rental car on this trip, make sure to go for the one that runs on diesel.

In the end, it’s not the destination but the fun that you have along the way that matters. This depends on choosing the right itinerary and the right duration of the journey. In other words, before committing to a certain road trip idea, you should definitely conduct thorough research. Most importantly, you need to make sure that everyone else is on board. After all, you’re probably not taking this voyage on your own.

Top 6 Australian Road Trip Tours for 2020-2021 1

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