5 solo holiday ideas for when you need some you time

If your stress levels are soaring and you’re in desperate need of a little rest and relaxation, it could be time to book yourself a solo vacation. Getting away from it all for a few days, a week or longer could give you a well-deserved chance to unwind, recharge and do something you love. With companies like Saga Travel offering singles holidays often without having to pay any extra fees, then that’s just one reason to get you started. If that isn’t enough to convince you then here are five more great ideas for single holidays.


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1) Yoga

For the ultimate in stress-busting, it’s hard to beat yoga retreats and you can book these trips to a whole range of destinations. If you’d like to enjoy some sunshine between your workouts, you can book trips to places like Ibiza and Andalucía in Spain, or for something even more exotic, why not venture to Goa in India? You shouldn’t struggle to find a style of yoga that suits you either, and you can look out for extras like holistic treatments as part of your package.

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2) History

If you love finding out about the past, perhaps a history tour would offer you the escapism you’re after. It’s now possible to book special holidays to some of the most fascinating destinations on the planet. For example, perhaps a tour of Morocco incorporating history-steeped cities like Marrakech and Fez would be ideal. Closer to home, you could take a trip around Italy, taking in the likes of Venice, Florence, Rome and the Vatican City.

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3) Walking

Walking trips can also make superb solo adventures. There are a range of packages available to suit virtually all levels of fitness, and these holidays give you the chance to get close to destinations’ flora and fauna, and to learn about their traditions and culture. Whether you fancy ascending the Alps, exploring the delights of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, negotiating your way through Nepal or something else, you should be able to find the perfect package for you.

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4) Painting

Painting vacations are another option, and you can choose to set up your easel anywhere from the Channel Islands to Cinque Terre on the Italian coast. As well as giving you the chance to hone your artistic skills under the guidance of experts, these trips can provide you with an opportunity to showcase your work to fellow enthusiasts.

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5) Cookery

Cookers-themed breaks are a great option too. Whether you already fancy yourself as a budding Heston Blumenthal or you lack confidence in the kitchen, you’ll be able to find an itinerary to suit. These breaks are available across Europe and in a host of other countries, including Russia and India.

Whichever trip you choose, you should return from your travels feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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