Growing Your Child’s Artistic Skill: Fun And Creative Ideas

We’re sure that you, like every parent, want to see your child thriving later in life. But for that, you’ll need to nurture their artistic talents and soft skills from the start. Creativity, problem-solving skills, strategic and critical thinking, and other soft skills are crucial to anyone’s success in life, be it professional or personal. 

Artistic skills
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Even if you want your child to be a scientist, their creative powers will only help them in the future. This is why lots of other parents too are investing in their child’s creative development and you should too. 

If you’re looking for ideas on how to do it, you’re in the right place. There are countless creative projects you can do with your child that not only would help you bond but will also promote your child’s creative development. 

Encourage Doodling and Drawing 

Kids love to make meaningless squiggles all over important notes and even on the walls, but instead of discouraging this habit, try to channel it into art projects and other outlets. You can find a whole range of ideas for drawings and other things on websites like Craft Whack, and you can even come up with some of your own. 

Instead of telling them not to draw on walls at all, consider investing in a drawing board or paint one of your walls with chalkboard paint so your children can keep being creative. 

For children who are interested in art, but don’t know where to start, Mofukawa is the perfect place for them to learn. With the help of the app, children can learn how to draw by following along with each step. It can be used as a colouring page for kids or an art lesson for adults.

Painting Projects 

Growing Your Child’s Artistic Skill: Fun And Creative Ideas 1
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If your children aren’t a fan of doodling with coloured pencils or markers, maybe they’d fancy a paintbrush or two. Painting is a fun and easy way to get your kids’ creative juices flowing, and you can even challenge them to look at the world in a new light. 

Start fun games like a painting competition with them, or challenge them to paint something they see on their way to school every day from memory. You can even join in on the fun to make it a group activity more than a competition between siblings. 

For a start, keep the paintings simple and make sure you’re not choosing paintings that would take more technique than is suitable for their age. You can help them by drawing things on the canvas and asking them to build on the drawing with paint. 

Artistic Crafts Projects 

Sometimes kids just don’t want to sit in one place and draw on a piece of paper or a canvas. But throw in the temptation of getting a cool new mask or a toy out of it and watch the same uninterested kids rush to get the art supplies. 

This is why sometimes the best idea is to let them go crazy with a paper mache mask project and let them decorate the end result however they want to. Role-playing games and playing out stories with the characters they’ll have made up with the masks is a whole new opportunity for you to nurture their imagination. 

You can even get them together close to Christmas and make some cute Christmas decorations together. Kids love helping their parents do stuff and feeling like an adult, so knowing that they’re helping with a very important task will only increase their enthusiasm. 

Sometimes, a child just isn’t the artistic type. If your child would rather curl up in a corner with a book in their hand than take up an art project, or if their interests lie elsewhere, don’t push it. Forcing art on them will only turn it into a chore that they’ll dump at the very first opportunity, and it goes directly against what you actually want to do – nurture their natural talents. 

Growing Your Child’s Artistic Skill: Fun And Creative Ideas 2

9 thoughts on “Growing Your Child’s Artistic Skill: Fun And Creative Ideas”

  1. My boys love being creative! Especially my older son. He gets so excited when he gets new art supplies for gifts, and my younger son enjoys painting. Some days we get busy but I like to give them creative outlets as much as possible.

  2. I am enjoying this wonderful post and love crafting with my kids. My grandmother crafted with me every year when I would visit her and she instilled that value in me and I love sharing that too with my own kids.

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