5 Gifts for a Pet Lover

Do you know a pet lover that you’d love to treat and spoil? Why not give them a unique gift that showcases their love for their pet? There are so many great gift ideas out there that you can make it totally fun and unique. And the sooner that you make your choice, the sooner that you’ll be able to give them a gift that they’re certain to love. 

Check out some of these simple gifts to give a pet lover that they’re going to be proud to showcase! When it comes to gifting to others, finding out what they love and then giving them a gift in regards to that is so much fun. You can even personalize a pet gift easily with options from Vector Pets

5 Gifts to Give to a Pet Lover

Pet Lover

If you’re needing some great ideas for gifts for a pet lovers, here is a fun list to get started shopping.

Subscription to an online pet food company

We all know that pet food is expensive due to ingredients and dog treat manufacturing processes. Why not gift your friends with an online subscription that will deliver food or fun treats once a month? Talk about a great gift that keeps on giving! Your friend and their pet will love this idea, and it makes the gift idea last that much longer!

Grooming service in town


If your friend has a pet that needs to be pampered and groomed (don’t they all?), give them a gift certificate to get groomed. This might not be something that your friend would normally buy themselves but it’s a great gift to let them pamper their pooch!

Custom Animal Illustration

Having a pet means that your friend and their pet have a super special bond. This also means that there might come a day when they want to remember their pet, just the way that they are. Giving them a custom animal illustration that they can display and hang on the wall for forever is the perfect gift. (and so affordable as well!) 

Pet toys for miles

Pet toys

Pets can never have enough toys. Cats and dogs would agree with this statement and would be giddy over more toys for them to play with! You can easily order toys online or head to the store and pick up some simple toys and treats as well. Dogs love anything that they can chew on and cats are crazy over catnip. 

If you’re at a loss of what type of toys the pet might need, you can always talk to the pet owner, too. They’ll give you a great idea of what their animal is missing and what you can send to their home.

Hygiene products for their pets

Making certain that they have a pet that is clean and smelling good is important for your friend. They’ll love the fact that they can open up their bathroom cabinet and have options for ways to clean their pets. This can be in the form of shampoos, conditions, or just simple other items that you can easily purchase and send to their house. 

This also means that they can easily pack up those items to take with them on trips or to have on hand, just in case their pup rolls around in the mud outside.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for pet lovers, there are so many great options to choose from. You can easily ask them what they need or surprise them with something fun that they normally wouldn’t buy themselves.

It’s always fun to plan a delivery to your friend for something that they’re not expecting. And a gift for their pet is also a fun surprise for them as well! 

For more great gift ideas check out my blogger friend’s post over at Two Plus Dogs.

5 Gifts for a Pet Lover

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