Genius Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Owners

It is easy to understand the deep emotional connection that individuals form with their pets. It’s no wonder most pet owners would even go as far as booking a photo session at Instapainting to get a custom portrait of their pet. Instapainting is unique and classic since it generally transforms a snapshot of your beloved pet into a beautiful oil painting.

Genius Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Owners
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Special occasions such as holidays are ideal for spreading joy through gifting everyone, including your loved ones and their pets. If you are not a pet lover yourself, finding the perfect gift can be a little challenging. Although it is easier to buy a simple chew toy or pet snacks, you might want to consider thinking beyond average gifts to get something that is both exciting and useful.

Luckily, there are many gift ideas for pets and pet owners for you to choose from that are available, and any pet and pet owner would find them helpful.

What Gift Ideas Would Be Perfect for Pets and Pet Owners

1. Smart Collar

Although pets enjoy playing with their toys, they eventually get chewed to bits or get lost. A smart collar is a high-tech device that can be used by both the pet and its owner while still serving as a fashion statement. Smart collars come in a variety of styles to fit canines of all sizes and preferences.

Smart collars work similarly to smartwatches. Through this gadget, pet owners can track how many steps their pet has walked, how far they’ve gone, as well as track them via its GPS settings. This gift will ensure that pet owners know exactly where their pets are and don’t have to worry about them wandering off and getting lost.

2. Pet Camera

Most pets are notorious for getting into trouble and causing a lot of destruction and messes all around the house. With a pet camera, pet owners can check in on their pets, dispense treats to reward good behaviour, and even talk to them. 

3. Matching Outfits

Every pet owner would love to wear a sweater, t-shirt, or hat similar to the one their pet is wearing. You might gift them custom screen printed t shirts with a similar colour combination and pattern.

4. Goody Box

Cat toy
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Take a box and fill it with an assortment of pet-friendly soft toys, chew toys and a few snacks that are appropriate for the pet’s size. To make the box look more inviting, consider using holiday-themed or adding a few decorations to make it more appealing. 

5. Pop-Up Travel Bowl

Pop-up travel bowls are lightweight and compact. Some even feature extendable legs to ensure that your pet doesn’t have to hunch over while drinking from them. This would be a perfect gift and would come in handy for long walks and travelling.

6. Water Fountain

It is common to find a cat or dog taking a sip of water from the toilet after emptying their bowls without their owners being aware. A water fountain for cat allows your pet to get access to water whenever they want, with the added fun of sipping something other than stagnant water.

7. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner
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Pet owners often complain about having pet hair everywhere. Gifting them with a robot vacuum cleaner might be precisely what they need. Most robot vacuum cleaners empty themselves into the base whenever they fill up and are great, even on hardwood floors and tiles.

8. Folding Bathtub

Trying to get your pet in the bath can be extremely stressful, especially since it comes with wet messes from splashing and shaking during the bath and on their way out. Folding bathtubs can be placed wherever you need, adjusted to a height you are comfortable with, and generally minimises wet messes since pet owners can use them to wash their pets in their garage to avoid getting the floors and carpet wet or outside on a hot day.

9. Personalised Pet Name Tags

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There is an endless variety of options on the market for every kind of pet regarding pet name tags. To make it more personalised, ensure you go for something that best suits the pet’s character and have their name engraved on the tag.

Find the Perfect Gift Today

Outlined above are some of the most genius gift ideas for both pets and their owners. Buying something meaningful or practical will always be appreciated by both parties. Whichever gift you opt for, ensure that it is both exciting and thoughtful.

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