Mummy fashion is at an all-time high

According to many national fashion experts, the status of mothers in the fashion world is now at an all-time high.

This follows many years of fairly dull fashion styles but now growing numbers of fashion brands and houses are appreciating the potential of the market.

It also helps that there is a large number of new mums blogging about fashion and what they like to be seen in. It is apparent that they do not want to be judged as ‘mumsy’ and instead want to create a new look for themselves and other mums.

Mummy Fashion
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Many of them write in their blogs about how people judge them for not looking as they are expected to look but instead they are wanting to create a fashionable outfit that suits their style and it needs to be practical too.

Among the fashion brands aiming at this lucrative market is Dolce & Gabbana with a collection they have dedicated to the ‘mothers of the world’ which is a feminine collection in pinks and whites as well as blown-up prints of children’s drawings. The collection itself has been very popular which attracted the attention of other fashion houses.

Looking for classically designed designer evening dresses

It helps us that some of the best fashion brands are led by mums including Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham. They lead a trend for the big fashion houses to employ women designers who create more female friendly fashion designs, particularly for those who are looking for classically designed designer evening dresses.

Evening Dress
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This is also leading them to design a motherhood-friendly style of wear aimed at attracting women who have an increasingly large disposable income which they want to spend on designer wear.

Fashion experts also point to a trend in mums becoming older when they have their first child and they tend to be better off financially and so have more cash to spend on designer labels and on regularly updating their wardrobe.

Looking for designer wedding dresses in London

Indeed, this trend of ‘mum style’ is growing so quickly that fashion brands are being urged not to dismiss it since these fashion fans are wanting to buy expensive and cool clothes and, it appears, they are also interested in looking for designer wedding dresses in London for their special day too.

Designer Wedding Dress
Designer Wedding Dress via Shutterstock

Indeed, fashionistas should appreciate that this new trend for mummy fashion is not going to disappear any time soon, particularly now that the fashion houses have realised that it’s a lucrative market to exploit and over the coming years the trends and designs will not just be fashionable but likely to spill out into other fashion sectors too.

The other issue about mummy fashion is that they will be dressing their children in fashionable clothes and so their offspring will come to appreciate the enjoyment that comes with wearing stylish and well-made clothes and they will buy fashion brands over the coming years to help boost the fashion industry – a fact borne out with the revelation that nearly half of mums in the UK have bought their children designer clothes when they were under 16.

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  1. So true, and love the light green dress, just gorgeous! As you know, I am fitness mad, but also in fitness fashion is vital, so you either see me in my trendy fitness outfits or dressed up, but hate not looking nice just because I am a stay at home mum.

    • I have been trying to make more of an effort with my style, I’m fed up of living in jeans and tops. My focus this year has been on dresses and skirts and it makes me feel so much more feminine, I love it x

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