10 Essential Items for your Home Office Setup

The idea of setting up your home office can be an exciting time initially. When you start to think about what you really need in your office to run efficiently, it can become a little overwhelming as there are so many things to think about and so much choice. I have been working from home for the past 10 years now and have a fine-tuned home office (provided I can stop the kids from stealing my things).


10 Essential Items for your Home Office Setup

Well, this goes without saying. For many years I worked solely on a laptop to pick it up and go whenever I needed to work on the move. The only problem that I found was replacing my laptop every two years because I wore it out. In the end, I opted for an All-in-One Desktop PC and a laptop which I use for when I am out and about with the minimum programmes loaded onto it. This has been a lifesaver for me and my computers. The All-in-One PC is powerful enough to run all of my programmes and saves space at the same time. Also, if you’re looking for the best laptops under 800, try visiting BetaHouse.

Phone/Headset Bundle

Essential items for home office

When you work from home you have to learn to multi-task, you are your own secretary, administrator and receptionist. I have a great phone and headset bundle which allows me to take calls and speak on video conference calls whilst leaving my hands free to continue typing and controlling the computer. There is nothing worse than trying to balance a phone between your shoulder and your ear for long periods of time.


Essential items for home office

Don’t underestimate the size of the desk you need when you are setting up your home office. I have worked from the dining table, from a ‘cupboard desk’, and finally settled on a corner desk. Working from the sofa always seems like a fun idea, but it’s not productive at all, and you generally end up with a bad back. I found a great corner desk from Ikea, which has lots of space on the desk to spread out and a large shelf at the top to keep my work trays and files. Eventually, when I get a bigger office, I will treat myself to a larger desk too.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Essential items for home office

This is one of the most important purchases you will make for your home office so take your time and choose carefully. To be productive in your work, you need to concentrate, which means being comfortable. There is nothing more distracting than aching back, neck and shoulders. Choose a chair that provides good lumbar support and supports all the way to the back of your knees to take pressure off your lower back. It needs to be height adjustable, too, so that you can position yourself correctly at your desk. Southern Office Furniture provides some helpful tips here about what you should consider protecting your body health, such as ensuring your armrests are adjustable, so they fit under your desk.

High-Speed Internet


There really is nothing worse when working from home than attempting to open an email and having the time to make a drink and take a toilet break whilst waiting for it to load. Need I say more? Find yourself a great broadband deal, and you won’t look back.


Essential items for home office

Position yourself so that you get good light onto your desk. I have large overhead lighting, but I also bought some inexpensive adhesive strip lighting stuck to the underside of the shelf above my desk, providing perfect lighting conditions.

External Hard-Drive or Cloud-Based Backup

Essential items for home office

It’s a fact of life that computers break and usually at the most inopportune moments. Ensuring that you take regular backups of work, photographs, documents, and programmes will ensure that you lose the least amount of data possible.


Essential items for home office

It may not be for everyone, but I can’t recommend Ikea Kallax enough for storage units. I have them in my office, and the boxes hold so much, you can add cupboard doors, shelves, whatever you need. They are just so versatile and inexpensive. Even if you plan to have a paperless office, you’ll inevitably need to store warranty documents, contracts and the like.

Printer/Multi-Purpose Machine

Epson ET-7750

I have tried many times to be a ‘paperless office’, but I can’t quite make it the whole way. There are always things that need printing and scanning, so I only print what is necessary. Once I have used my paper documents, I scan them into the computer and shred the paperwork for recycling, where a multi-purpose printer comes into play.



As per my paragraph above, I always use a shredder to dispose of receipts, old bills and other sensitive documentation to protect myself and my family from identity theft.

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