Winter Home Maintenance Checklist – #FixingOldHomes

As I look out of my office window at home, the grey clouds are rolling in, the wind is whipping the leaves around the street and the rain is battering against my window.  I feel very warm and cosy snuggled up inside and grateful that we live in a new build home.  Years ago we chose to live in an old house and winters were just that little bit harder because we had to make sure that we were prepared for the onslaught of the colder weather.  Provided you keep on top of things when #FixingOldHomes then they can be amazing but what exactly do you need to keep on top of?

Winter Home Maintenance

Get your boiler serviced

If your boiler is going to break down then you can be sure that it’s when the weather drops to the coldest, most likely at a weekend or worse still over Christmas and then you’ll have to pay a fortune to get it fixed.  Better to be prepared and get your boiler serviced before Winter really kicks.  Likewise, if your heating system runs on oil then you’ll need to make sure you have plenty in store to see you through the winter months, you can guarantee that Certas Energy won’t let you down.

Get your fireplace and chimney swept

Winter Home Maintenance

Coal fires remind me of my childhood, sitting next to a real fire was super cosy (although I did have to fight the dog for the best seat in the house).  Make sure that your chimneys and fireplace have been cleaned and checked for cracks and debris which could become a fire hazard.

Protect pipes from freezing

Burst pipes are very common in winter because when water freezes it expands and cracks the pipes.  Ensure that exposes pipes are well insulated and protected in areas of the home that do not have a heat source.  Don’t forget to wrap up your garden hose and put it away for Winter too.

Check the roof

Winter Home Maintenance

It’s easy to take your roof for granted and assume that it will always be there to protect your house from the elements.  Give it a once over and ensure that there aren’t any misplaced or loose tiles which will give away to leaks.

Clear guttering and flat roofs

The Autumn leaves to wreak havoc on guttering and flat roofs which then become a large soggy mass.  Clear them away so that moisture and damp do not begin to settle from the outside in or block your gutters and drains causing a flood.

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