Why Family Time Is Important

30Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that spending time with your family has to stop! Kids are home more often during the summer, which opens up opportunities to do plenty of fun activities together. When they start heading back to school, it’s still crucial to continue to have family time on a regular basis.

Family Walk

Your kids are going to crave that attention they’ve gotten used to all summer after a long day at school with other children. Creating and maintaining a bond with your family is essential in keeping your kids on the right path as they grow older. Here’s why spending that time as a family is so important:

They’ll learn how to treat others

Monkey see, monkey do, right? Spending more time with your kids will allow them to pick up your good habits as human beings. If you are kind to your spouse and your children, they will learn from your example. Use your manners, talk calmly, and solve confrontation in a civil way. Your kids will become better members of society if you spend quality time showing them how to behave based on your personality and interactions.

They’ll better understand how to communicate

Another important component your children can learn from you and your spouse is how to communicate with others. When your child doesn’t get their way, instead of yelling at them and shunning them away for the rest of the day, talk things out with your child and explain everything clearly. Your kids will know how to communicate with their peers and their teachers based on how you speak with them at home.

You’ll build a strong bond

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The most rewarding aspect of making time for your kids is the bond you build as a family. Who doesn’t want their family to be one strong unit? The more time you spend with your kids, they’re going to feel closer to you and feel more inclined to choose family time over other activities. Your kids will love the connection you build as you do things together, so making an effort for family time will only strengthen the bond you’ve been building up.

They’ll pick up your values

You want to be a good influence for your kids so that your children share your strong values and have a good moral standing as they grow older. Spending time as a family will allow them to pick up the values you hold so dearly. You want your kids to grow up knowing to be kind and polite to others, to work hard for what they want, and to be honest. Again with you and your spouse leading by example, your children will pick up your values and morals the more you spend time together. Your children’s kind and truthful nature will be a testament to the way that you raised them.

How to spend time as a family

Family Home

As important as family time really is for you and your kiddos, you’ll want to have plenty of activities to bond over on weeknights and weekends! Here are some of my favorite ways to have some quality family time with your kids:

  • Set up a scavenger hunt–Utilize your backyard and create your own scavenger hunt for the kids. Have your kids search for different objects in your yard, such as a pinecone or a flower. Set up a prize for whoever finds all of the objects first, like a bouncy ball or a piece of bubblegum!
  • Have a movie marathon–On a chilly night, cozy up on the couch and turn on some family-friendly Christian movies that you can enjoy together! Gather up your favorite snacks and relax.
  • Go on a hike–A great way to spend time as a family is to get some exercise at the same time! Go to a local park or hiking trail and get your heart rates up. Bring along your family dog if you have one and just enjoy the fresh air as a family. You’ll be able to enjoy nature together and have a good conversation.
  • DIY together–Crafting is a fun and easy way to bond with your kids because you have the joy of making something together! Since the cozier weather is upon us with fall approaching, make a blanket that you can all enjoy! DIY a unique blanket to stay warm as the weather cools down a bit.

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