Why American Bulldog Is a Great Pet

Just as there are people of different character and physical characteristics, there are different dog breeds with their traits. It is clear that no dog fits perfectly in all conditions. So, when choosing a future four-legged friend, you need to pay attention to many things. You can find tips on choosing the right dog here.

The American Bulldog is one of those breeds that are not for everyone. It shouldn’t be a choice of first-time pet owners, so as persons who don’t have a solid character. This breed is brilliant and dominant. If you don’t establish order in your home in time, living with the bossy pet won’t be pleasant for you.

But if you know the nature of the American Bulldog, it is clear to you that these dogs can be great pets. They have many positive traits and easily fit even with small children. But the owners have a huge responsibility to bring these qualities to light and make their Bulldogs dream pets.

The Best Bodyguard You Can Have

American bulldog

American Bulldogs are very loyal and have an uncanny ability to follow their masters despite what they may be doing. This trait makes them a popular choice for people living active lives, like hunters, athletes, or fans of outdoor activities. When outside, you’ll see these bulky pups acting like bodyguards, observing anything that could be a possible threat.

These dogs are very loyal. They are extremely guarding of the people in their family, and they will do everything in their power to protect you. If you are not planning on having other pets, American Bulldog could be a great choice because they make great companions.

Bulldogs like warm places, so they won’t mind staying in the house or apartment. But if you have a yard, your pet should spend a lot of time outside. If you live in a flat, frequent walks and visits to dog-friendly parks are the solutions. Since they are bred as work dogs, these pups may have too much energy. If they don’t release it outside, they can do it on your furniture.

They Are Quick Learners

This breed is also known to be intelligent and a quick learner. Since their puppy age, make use of the Bulldog’s intelligence. That way, you’ll get them used to commands and make them obedient with no resistance.

Due to a strong protective instinct, American Bulldog won’t hesitate from attacking what it considers a threat. That is why early socialisation is necessary, especially for dogs that live with children.

Tips on proper socialisation see on the following source:


American Bulldogs will do whatever it takes to see if they can get your attention and play with you. However, to show your pet the proper respect, you will need to teach them to respect you. You can easily teach your dog this by making it a fun game with toys and requisites.

These dogs aren’t stubborn but self-confident and dignified. You really need to earn their trust and obedience. You will do this if you impose yourself as the alpha and the person who gives the most love and attention at the same time. Every dog likes to know that they are good boys.

Inborn Affection toward Kids

American bulldog

One of the common reasons why people get American Bulldogs is because they are extremely good with kids. But they can be aggressive toward other animals if they don’t get trained from a young age. That said, they are lovely pets and make great additions to any family as long as you take the time to prepare and socialize them properly.

Their fur is short, and shedding occurs only twice a year. Yet, pay attention to Bulldog’s face and wrinkles because these dogs drool a lot. It is good to wash your pet’s face every day, and if they hang around with kids, several times a day.

Bulldogs Have Great Health

Research shows that active dogs are less prone to disease but have a higher risk of degenerative disorders. American Bulldogs have good genetics, with rare cases of serious illness. Regular physical activity and diet should be taken into account. These dogs need to maintain an optimal weight and thus prevent hip dysplasia or joint problems. On the holistapet web store, you can also find adequate supplements for your four-legged friend.

It would be best if you also considered spaying or neutering American Bulldogs. Their tests can become over swollen and can cause problems like orchitis. Removing them will reduce the dogs’ aggression and also be beneficial for their health.

When you are looking for an American Bulldog, you want to get the one with good origin. You can check with the breeder to see what kind of health problems you can expect to find in this breed. You should look for dark hair and wrinkled skin in the puppies because these can indicate certain health issues. Also, keep an eye out for worms and other parasites because these can be detrimental to your new pet.

You have to think about many things before getting a pet. Make sure that you find the best four-legged friend for you and your family. There are many reasons to get American Bulldog puppies, but you need to research this breed to make the right decision. If you can care for these remarkable pups and use proper training techniques, you will have great companions for life.

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