Whooping cough, pneumonia and now norovirus!!

When speaking of my actual pregnancy, this one has been reasonably plain sailing BUT, and this is a big BUT (as is mine these days!) as far as my health is concerned i feel like i have been poorly for 8 months. 

In the beginning there was the morning sickness, or in my case, all day nausea.  Then came the whooping cough which was just horrid, then came Hubby’s pneumonia and stint in hospital when i was still feeling rough from the whooping cough.  After that the acid indigestion and constipation kicked in.  And now, just as i thought i was starting to feel better i get hit by the norovirus. Throughout the day yesterday i didn’t really feel like ‘me’ and Hubby even kept asking me if everything was ok but i couldn’t put my finger on it. Throughout the evening i felt worse and worse, telling Hubby that i was really starting to feel sick.  I went to bed hoping to feel brighter in the morning but at midnight i woke up feeling dreadful and couldn’t settle at all. 

I was up and down to the toilet, my bump was really hurting and uncomfortable and then at 2am after no sleep it started, i was sick like i haven’t been for years.  Being sick when you’re pregnant is hard work, particularly in the third trimester when your stomach muscles don’t really have the capacity to function anymore.  I felt like i had been kicked by a donkey and then the back pains started too. At about 4am i finally drifted off to sleep again only to wake again at 6am to more vomiting and stomach cramps.

I have spent the whole day in bed, sleeping on and off. I haven’t eaten all day but I searched online and found that drinking flat coke can help so i did and it did help a little. I still have a temperature and despite feeling like its all going to start at the other end i am actually really constipated and have terrible tummy ache.

My whole body feels shaky and weak, like when you have the flu to add to the discomfort baby feels like he is ramming his head into my nether regions.

Feeling sorry for myself this evening? Yes i am!!!

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  1. Clodagh Foelster
    December 18, 2012 / 12:08 am

    Poor thing – you sure it’s not baby coming? Vomiting is a well-known pre-labour sign…flat 7Up is also really brilliant for nausea or even ginger ale (again flat – just boil it up to remove the bubbles and let it cool) Feel better

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