Gift Ideas for Him this Christmas . . .

I may be wrong here, but I’m assuming that the majority of Mummy Matters readers are female? Apologies to those gents out there if you are reading my blog, no offence intended at all!! But let’s face it ladies, Christmas shopping for women is, on the whole, pretty easy wouldn’t you say? I think we find it easy to tune in to what other women want but when it comes to the men in our lives we fall at the first hurdle because they are pretty tricky creatures to buy for. Take my husband (not literally – he’s mine!!), he doesn’t really have any hobbies that I can buy for, he doesn’t really listen to very much music, he doesn’t play computer games, he already has every DIY tool under the sun and his biggest passion is for shoes but can I get them right? NOPE!! He likes aftershave, lots and lots of aftershave and he likes funky ties but I feel like every birthday and Christmas is the same but a different scent or a different pattern on a tie so I need help in getting ideas together for that man in my life. How about you?

The lovely people at M&S have come to our rescue with this little video of great Gift Ideas for Him this Christmas . . .

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