Whoa I’ve been nominated for a MAD Blog Award!!! Thank you!! (Mum and Dad Blog Award)


As with most industries each year there are various different awards which are bestowed upon bloggers who are deemed great at what they do by their readers and fellow bloggers. I have been nominated for awards in the past and have been very honoured to be nominated but I honestly never expect it as I still find it hard to believe that people want to read what I write.

Last week, I received this tweet to say that I had been nominated for a MAD Blog Award (Mum and Dad Blog Award) and was shocked and excited, then I saw the category and realised that I stood no chance of winning as I am definitely not a Newcomer but thank you for the compliment.

Then today another tweet grabbed my attention, I had been nominated for Best Preschool Blog! This was much closer to the description of my blog since I still have Jelly Bean at home with me for the next school year. I also think I would be well suited to the Best Schooldays Blog category and would be over the moon if my readers and fellow bloggers would consider voting for me in either of these categories. I can’t begin to imagine the elation that bloggers feel when they are told they have won an award but I certainly put my heart and soul into my blog.

Tots 100 Awards

If you would like to nominate for me or indeed any other bloggers then you have until mid-April to vote so get you nominations in for them to be counted. It only takes a few minutes but it means the world to the bloggers who are nominated.

Thank you and Good Luck to all the fabulous Mum and Dad Bloggers out there xx

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