When you find out who your friends are . . .


Those of you who have read my recent post “Not quite how I wanted to announce it” will know that I’ve not been having the greatest of weeks.  But what I have found in the past week is what a great bunch of friends I have got who really care.  I have received numerous emails and texts offering words of comfort and shoulders to cry on.  I think sometimes we take for granted the people in our lives and don’t realise just how much a good friend means to you.


If you have read my site you will see that I am a big fan of the Surestart Children’s Centres, and this week has proved yet again what a great place it is.  Apart from a handful of really good old friends and close work colleagues, my closest group of friends have all been made in the past year since Baby Bean has been born and I started attending classes at the Children’s Centre.  They are all women who I feel I can talk quite openly to and generally have a good laugh with.  I can turn up to a class feeling miserable and stressed out (not all the time I might add!) but within minutes my mood has evaporated and I’m having a laugh and can’t even remember what was wrong when I arrived. 


One of the Mummies that I have befriended sent me a message this week in which she said that you kind of go along in life assuming that everything is rosy in everyone else’s life but things like this just go to show that other people have problems too.  I think sometimes when we’re feeling like we are having the worst time in the world and that everything is against us, take the time to talk to a friend, it does make you feel better and remember that you are NOT alone and just because the people you meet don’t blurt out their problems to you, does not mean that their life is perfect.  Everyone encounters problems at one time or another – its how you deal with it that matters.  I ummed and ahhed for a while before writing about my pregnancy on here but then I thought that maybe there is someone else out there who is going through the same thing as me and this might make them feel better to know they are not alone.  Don’t suffer in silence, pick up the phone or pop to your friends for a coffee!  Friends play a really important role in your life so look around and count just how lucky you are.  Personally I feel very lucky, I feel “rich” with friends right now – so to all my friends, thank you xx

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