3 Ideas to Help You Have a Great Night Out with Your Girlfriends

Once you become a mum, your life changes fundamentally. There are times when it’s hard to remember the person you were before because your own hobbies and passions get pushed aside. All of those things that made you feel most like yourself end up being swept away by this new existence – the one that revolves solely around your child.

3 Ideas to Help You Have a Great Night Out with Your Girlfriends
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If this sounds relatable, we have a secret for you – it’s okay to put yourself first from time to time. While ‘mum guilt’ is a very real feeling, you’re still allowed to take yourself away for a day or an evening to spend some time focusing on you and what you enjoy.

One of the best ways to do this is with a night out with your girlfriends. There are few things as refreshing as laughing, chatting, and sympathizing with the women who have been with you through it all: the schoolgirl crushes, first loves, breakups, babies, and more. And for those who prefer online gatherings, do check out these free signup offers on the top gambling sites.

Want to spend some quality time together? Then here are three ideas to inspire you.

Enjoy a day at the spa

Spa Day

When you get the chance to take a day away from the kids to focus on yourself, it offers the ideal opportunity to relax and unwind. That’s not to say that spending time with your babies isn’t lovely, because it really and truly is, but there’s no denying that running around after a toddler is tiring. The likelihood is that you’re not the only one of your friends who can sympathize with this feeling, so why not spend some time together at your local spa? A child-free zone where the only aim is to enjoy yourself, it’s the perfect place to chat together over a glass or two of champers.

Try your luck at bingo


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It may once have been the preserve of old age pensioners with blue rinses and too much time on their hands, but bingo has undergone a dramatic evolution in the past decade. Now enjoyed by everyone from grannies to graduates, it attracts a really fun crowd and offers a great way to entertain yourselves for the evening. While the game itself is fantastically exciting, the best part of the night is undoubtedly the chance to catch up with friends over a drink and some snacks. If you want to get a taste for it before you attend, there are lots of places where you can give it a go over the internet. Should you discover you have an affinity for it, you could even try some other forms of gambling to have something different to do once the kids are in bed, such as the array of online slot games at Regal Wins, that include everything from nostalgic classics and immersive movie and music-inspired titles.

Get dolled up and go out for drinks 


We know – you’re looking at this suggestion aghast! Get dressed up, with a crying child clinging to your leg and another who’s just been sick in your hair? But believe us when we say that sometimes winding the clock back and spending some time pampering yourself is the very best way to shake off the feeling of exhaustion that comes with being a mum. Get your other half to look after the little ones for the evening, send a WhatsApp to your girlfriends, and book a table at a swanky cocktail bar. Once you’re there, don’t feel bad about drinking a glass or four, laughing, chatting, and not even giving a second thought to the baby back home.

Tell us, tired mums, isn’t it time you treated yourself?

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