What we’re playing on Nintendo #3 – Super Mario Maker

Have you ever played a platform game and thought to yourself “I could have designed that better!” well now with Super Mario Maker you can put your money where your mouth is and design your own courses.

Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker

When I told Curly that we had been sent the download code for Super Mario Maker he proceeded to talk at 100mph about how amazing it looks, the adverts he had seen on the TV and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I admit it, I zoned right out of that conversation as Curly has the ability (rather like his Dad) to talk his way around the houses and lose you somewhere in the middle. It’s a special trait which I obviously love about them but you have to be in the right mood for their jibber-jabber!

Super Mario Maker

Curly is a total gaming geek and really does quite fancy the idea of designing his own video games, he has been learning code at school and has designed a couple of small games himself so he was very excited to try Super Mario Maker.

What is Super Mario Maker?

For those of you who haven’t discovered it yet, Super Mario Maker is a side-scrolling platform game with a difference because you get to design the courses before you play them. Played on the Wii U, you sketch your courses using the stylus on the touch screen and add in all the different elements of the course from the colours to the obstacles, blocks, enemies and more. When you spend more than 5 minutes a day creating a course, the next day you will be rewarded with more parts the following day so that your customisation can grow and grow.

Objects can be combined to create bigger, better and more exciting elements, you can shake them, supersize them and add your own sound effects and animation. The Super Mario World is your lobster!

Super Mario Maker

Once you have designed your course, then you get to play it. If you’re seriously impressed with your efforts and have completed the course then you can upload it to Course World and share it with other Nintendo Super Mario Maker fans so they can give it a go and let you know what they think.

Share your course for others to play

This means that you get to play courses created by others and get inspiration for new courses to design for yourself and so the process goes on and the gaming experience just gets better and better.

Super Mario Maker

As I expected, Curly’s initial courses were all about the baddies and very dark, he does love his ‘dark themes’. The only limitation with Super Mario Maker is your imagination. Curly has an amazing imagination so I think this is a great game for him to play and will definitely help to fire his enthusiasm for creating further games himself.

Super Mario is a long-standing world favourite and this is a great new addition to the Super Mario name. Now I just need to kick Curly off the Wii U long enough to give the game a whirl myself . . . I’m picturing an underwater world or perhaps a ghoulish ghostly mansion?!

Super Mario Maker

DISCLAIMER: We were given a free download code for Super Mario Maker as part of our role as Nintendo Family Bloggers. All words and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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