What a good smile says about your child

You may not know it but around 80% of all communication is actually non-verbal. Body language, eye contact, smile; all of these things say much more about us as a person than any sentence we can string together.

The smile is the most recognised gesture in the body’s non-verbal arsenal and is the key to almost every situation a child can come across. Keeping your child’s teeth clean and their smile bright is very important and here are a few reasons why:

A good smile says you take care of yourself

What a good smile says about your child
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When we smile, it gives people a window into the innermost workings of our bodies and our routines. You may not have thought about it before but teeth probably say more about you than any other part of your body. Keeping them clean and fresh is essential to the way others interact with your child. An electric toothbrush for kids is a great idea to help do this quickly and easily, making brushing fun in the process.

A good smile makes for natural confidence

A good smile will not only make other children want to interact with your child more, but it will give your little one more confidence when interacting with other kids too. Poorly brushed teeth can look a little unsightly and with all of the dramas of growing up, you don’t want your little one to go through unnecessary stress.

This may not be something that your child immediately notices, but as a parent, you should take note of your child’s teeth growth at all times. Even though their baby teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced, this should not be the reason why you neglect their teeth. Be sure to take them to a reliable dentist like https://www.theuniondental.com/dentist-shrewsbury often for check-ups. This will ensure that their teeth are growing normally. Plus, it will alert you to any possible problems such as tooth decays or even bad breath. Good dental habits start young and whatever you do for your child will be ingrained in them. After all, you’d want them to grow up cultivating the right habits good for their health.

Sensitive teeth are no fun at all

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When it comes to your health, having sensitive teeth can be a really horrible experience. Although a child may brush their teeth regularly, if it’s not done correctly then they can become overly sensitive. Brushing at the wrong angle or with an old, stiff toothbrush can push food particle up into the gums. It will then become extremely difficult to remove and can cause problems later down the line so take proactive steps to prevent this by brushing correctly using appropriate tools.

Good teeth mean fresh breath

Bad breath in children is almost exclusively caused by poor brushing of the teeth. Brushing them regularly and well helps kill any bacteria that may build up during the day or overnight.

Bad breath can be very distressing to a child, especially if it is stopping them interacting with others. Fortunately, it’s very easy to guard against with a regular dental routine and other products such as mouthwashes, breath sprays and dental floss can all help.

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