Week 3

Daddy is back again this week and Nanna has gone back to work, its really nice because I’m getting lots of cuddles with Daddy too.  He keeps pulling funny faces at me and gets really excited when I smile back but then he looks really sad because I’m sick or I do rumbles from my bum, he says "oh it’s just wind".  I do think he’s funny though!

Everyone keeps telling me I’m a big strong boy because apparently I’m good at holding my head up, that’s just daft because they hold their heads up all the time?  I must admit sometimes mine does get a little bit heavy and I end up head butting Mummy and Daddy in the chest – that hurts because I always catch my nose!

We picked Curly up from school today and he was really excited to see me.  I don’t understand where he disappears to?  Sometimes he’s here for a while and then I don’t see him for ages.  I like him though, he’s really good at cuddles and making silly faces like Daddy.  Mummy says he’s a really good big brother but he gets a bit nervous when I cry.  I don’t mean to worry him but sometimes I get a bit cross because I tell Mummy I’m hungry but she doesn’t feed me the minute I ask for it, and well, that’s just rude!

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