Week 2

Daddy has gone back to work this week, he says he needs to earn pennies because Mummy has been busy buying me new clothes  – well I can’t exactly go around in Little Bean’s old clothes can I?  She wore lots of pink, it doesn’t really suit me!

Nanna is spending the week with us this week to help Mummy because she’s really tired, something to do with me waking up in the night for my feeds.  She’s probably still quite tired from when i arrived too, it was hard work for both of us.  Home feels really nice, Nanna is cleaning, tidying and keeping Little Bean entertained so Mummy and me are just hanging out together in the lounge, having lots of lovely cuddles.

Little Bean is really funny, every time she sees me she says "hello" about 5 times!!  Mummy lets me sit on Little Bean’s knee for cuddles on the floor but sometimes its frightening because when she has decided she has had enough she just pushes me off or pulls my clothes at the shoulders to give me back to Mummy.  Mummy tells her to be careful but i don’t think we have to always do what Mummy says?

Week 2 1

We’ve been out for a few walks this week to get some fresh air.  Nanna always puts Little Bean in something called a pushchair so that she doesn’t have to walk.  Mummy says she likes to keep her strapped in so she can’t run off, i think I’ll be able to learn a thing or two from Little Bean, she seems like good fun.  Mummy keeps calling her a monkey?

Mummy carries me around in something called a "sling"??  It’s lovely, it holds me really tight to Mummy’s chest so I can hear her heart beating.  It’s just like being back inside and its soo warm I can’t help but fall asleep.  Plus Mummy keeps kissing me all the time, she’s so sweet!

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