Teething Troubles – Those pesky teeth?

Teething Troubles Beanie Boy’s first teeth came through months ago without any sign of teething troubles.  He has been doing really well with his six little gnashers but over the past week or so he has started waking up at 6.15 am on the dot crying out loud.

Could teething be to blame?

Beanie Boy has NEVER been one to wake up in tears, we have always been lucky in that our children have always been cheerful little cuties from the moment they open their eyes but Beanie Boy is waking up distraught and I’m now beginning to wonder if this is the start of his next few teeth making their appearance.

Morning Trauma

This morning Beanie Boy woke at 5.15 am and a bleary-eyed Daddy trudged downstairs to make him a bottle, it worked for all about 90 minutes before he woke in tears again. My poor little man has spent the morning rubbing his eyes and pulling at his ears so I put him back to bed for his morning nap which would normally last two hours but less than an hour later he has woken up screaming out, inconsolable.

Any suggestions?

This is such a learning curve for me because Little Bean never even batted an eye when cutting her teeth. She was a little unsettled when she cut her molars but nothing we couldn’t handle. So this is an anxious Mummy asking for all the help and advice you can give? What would you suggest to keep my little man as pain-free as possible and what is the best way to keep him sleeping longer in the early morning?

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