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8 Wee Wees on the potty!!! We’ve started!

Next week as Little Bean begins the Easter break from Pre-school I had decided that we would start potty training in earnest.  In preparation I decided to lay a little bit of ground work with Little Bean and told her that the Nappy Fairy would be visiting her over the weekend and would be taking away her day-time nappies to give them to the babies who needed them.  She responded as I expected by saying that she didn’t want to do her wees on the potty.  The following conversation took place:

Me: All big girls and boys do their wees on the potty or toilet don’t they?  Where does Mummy do her wees?

LB: On the toilet.

Me: That’s right, and what about Daddy?

LB: On the toilet.

Me: That’s right, and where does Bro do his wees?

LB: In the shower!

Me: He better not do his wees in the shower!

You’ve got to love kids haven’t you!!

The following afternoon she asked if she could take her nappy off and “have a run around and maybe sit on the potty”.  Of course, we were quick to allow her and so she ran around the house naked for about an hour before bedtime but no potty action, more importantly no accidents!


Today (Friday) when we returned home from Little Bean’s first school trip she asked again if she could take her nappy off and use the potty, so again I agreed.  Within 10 minutes she had done her first wee on the potty and was quickly rewarded by much “whooping” from me, followed by hugs, kisses, high fives and finally a white chocolate button!

Over the course of the next 90 minutes, she did a wee 8 times on the potty!!  All quite substantial too and I have to say that I was shocked that she had that much in her as her nappies are usually quite dry?  I had been planning on just taking her to the toilet every 15-30minutes but clearly this isn’t going to be enough.

At tea-time I asked her if she wanted to put a nappy back on and she said she wanted to wear big girl pants instead, so we put some on.  She decided that she needed to do a wee on the potty but forgot to pull her pants down.  I just said “oh dear nevermind” and brushed over the accident.  Then about 10 minutes later (with a clean pair of big girl pants on) she had an accident all over her chair and the kitchen floor.  She seemed quite upset by this but again I just said “don’t worry its just an accident”.

We have been sent some potty training pants to try and a My Carry Potty for when we are out and about, so I will let you know how we get on with those.

Am I going about this the right way?  What would you suggest I do next week with regards to offering drinks and how often to take her to the toilet?  I’m not planning on straying too far away from home though if I do I think she will have to wear a Nappy because of accidents in the car despite me saying the Nappy Fairy was coming?

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