5 Things I Want My Children To Know About Me

1. Everything I do is for them! My family are my life and they will ALWAYS come first and foremost in my life. Having my children is the proudest achievement in my life and I love them more than I ever dreamed possible.

2. I really wish I could dance like they do in movies like Step Up and Street Dance; I HAVE to listen to music at some point every day – it makes me feel alive. Music can always lift my mood on a grey day.

3. My most treasured possessions (other than my children) are my photographs, they have captured a moment in time that I never want to forget, a time that I want to share with others. I know they get sick of having a camera shoved in their faces but one day they will look back on these pictures and hopefully they will think of me and smile.

4. My motto has always been “If people don’t like me for who I am, it’s their problem, not mine!” and not to be said in a horrible manner either. I’m just not a fake; I’m always true to myself, and I always speak with honesty.

5. I would have loved to have been a racing driver (though not a rally driver – that would scare the pants off me!).

2 thoughts on “5 Things I Want My Children To Know About Me”

  1. I’m the same with photos, such special memories to treasure. We will always remember our lives throughout time when we have photos to remind us.
    CJ xx

    • Looking at a picture I’m immediately transported right back to that moment, no matter how many years have passed. A picture can tell you so much xx

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