Week 15–I’m on the move!

I’ve been a busy boy this week and do you know what?  I’m shattered!  Mummy keeps giving me lots of different things to do and this week I’ve really enjoyed them but it gets very tiring.

My favourite thing is this brightly coloured mat thing with toys which dangle down above my head.  Sometimes Mummy just lays me on the ground but other times she props me up on my dragon pillow so I’m not as sick.  I love it on my mat, if I’m feeling really strong I grab hold of the toys and pull really hard, sometimes I even manage to lift my shoulders up off the floor.  Mummy tells me I’m really clever and strong.  The parrot toy gets on my nerves a bit though because its got this tail that keeps getting me in my eye.  I’ve tried biting it off but it just gets all wet and soggy.  I like it best when Mummy puts the lights on too because they flash and play music, its really good fun but I often fall asleep and when I wake up I’ve magically moved into my bedroom?

Mummy has also started putting me on another mat which has a soft squishy thing on it and I have to lay on my tummy with the squishy thing under my chest.  Its pretty cool but boy do I dribble when I’m on my tummy.  I love the bright yellow toy thing, it makes lots of cool noises but I wish Mummy would take the other toy off because Little Bean seems to think that I should have that one in my mouth and I don’t want it there!  Still she’s quite funny, she always wants to lay on the mats with me which makes me laugh though she keeps getting her hair in my face which tickles and doesn’t taste very nice.  I guess she means well!

Today Mummy put me in a really cool thing.  She said its called a door bouncer?  To start with I wondered what she was doing with me and I have to admit I got a little bit upset but then all of a sudden I was stood up all by myself.  No Mummy or Daddy holding me, I had my feet on the floor and I could stamp my feet.  I loved it – I really hope Mummy lets me do it again soon.

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    • I know what you mean, I videoed him to show Hubby when he got home from work and then started looking at videos of Little Bean when she was doing it – time flies by far too fast so we have to make the most of them whilst we can x

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