Any day soon . . .

Tummytime 017

My little man is growing so fast and I get the feeling that he is going to progress through his milestones faster than his big sister did.  Right from day one he has been a very strong little boy, holding his head up, pushing himself to a standing position when you’re holding him on your knee.  Because of his bad reflux we’ve always had his bed on an incline to help him sleep at night but to him this is just an aide in sitting up!  The minute I lay him in his bed he starts pulling his head and shoulders up trying his hardest to get into a seated position.

He loves playing on his activity gym and tummy time mat, today I dusted off Little Bean’s door bouncer because I think he will love bouncing around and see the world from a different perspective.  I’ll keep you posted on his door frame adventures!

For the last couple of weeks he has started twisting his body when laying on his activity gym in an attempt to roll over and today he almost made it over but lost his balance and fell backwards at the last second, but any day soon I just know he’s going to do it! x

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