My favourite time of day . . .

April 2008 009

Since the day I became a Mummy I’ve had a particular time of day that I just love.  Its the moment when I wake up and I know that I’m about to see my baby/babies for the first time that day.  When Little Bean was a baby I used to listen out for her waking up over the monitor and would rush into her room to watch her waking because she used to stretch and stretch and stretch when she first woke up.  Every morning I would open the blind in her bedroom and if it was a sunny morning I would sing “The sun has got it’s hat on” and she would giggle at me, if it was raining I would do my own version of the song singing “the sun’s not got his hat on, boo hoo hoo, boo hoo” and again she would giggle!

Now that she is older and Beanie Boy is here, mornings are even more special as Little Bean generally starts talking to herself first thing in the morning, for instance, this morning she was telling her teddies off because she was trying to go back to sleep, she told them “will you stop it, I’m trying to sleep”.  I have no idea what the teddies were doing but it obviously annoyed her!  Then once Hubby has been in to her and changed her nappy she comes running into our bedroom, always asking the same question “where’s Beanie Boy?”.  The minute she sees him, she gives him a big hug and kiss and tells him she loves him.  Sometimes she gets confused saying “I love you my big sister” and then I remind her that she is HIS big sister and he is HER baby brother.  Bless her! 


As for Beanie Boy, he always greets us with the same beautiful smile from the second he wakes.  He never wakes up crying or grumpy, that generally comes a few minutes later when I haven’t started feeding him the second he wants it.  As soon as he sees Little Bean or Curly, his face lights up and he looks so happy to see them.

080111 011

What better way to start the day than with smiles from the most precious people in the world?

What is your favourite time of the day?

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