We LOVE John Crane!!

image Do you know something? I can’t remember when John Crane first came into our lives but since having children I can’t remember a time without them (John Crane that is, not the children!). Even before I had children, I was always a fan of wooden toys, I think its the taurus in me, I’m earthly, I like natural things and I like good quality. A little while ago I visited the John Crane website and decided to post a few reviews for the John Crane toys we owned and I thought I would only have to write one or two but looking around our playroom I discovered more and more, how did they sneak in like that I wonder?

I consider myself very lucky, I have been into the heart of John Crane and both Little Bean and Beanie Boy have had the chance to play in their showroom with all the gorgeous toys on display. That day I was told I was the best Mummy in the world, I earned serious brownie points and all because Daddy drove over Little Bean’s First Bike and John Crane jumped to our rescue – how’s that for customer service?

Now I am wearing a John Crane Badge with pride in my sidebar because I want others to discover their greatness just as I have, what are you waiting for, they are only one small click away!

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