A Quick Guide for Parents on How to Prepare Your Child for School

Starting school is an exciting and challenging period both for a child and for parents. It is a completely new environment and people. Kids will make some friends here and start education. It might be overwhelming to get used to so many new activities. A parent must prepare their child for this adventure.

Parents need to be there for their offsprings during the educational process, starting from the first day of school and up to answering questions on how to write a philosophy paper sometime later in college. Mums and dads should be ready to provide emotional support and answer any questions their kid will have. Here is a guide on how to do it properly.

School Bus
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Getting Used to New Environment

The most challenging part for a child is that the whole new world opens up for one. It is an entirely new experience, place, people, discipline, etc. It is essential to prepare emotionally and to integrate education in their lives beforehand.

Talk About It

One of the easiest ways to prepare the kid is to talk about the school experience. Share stories about your adventures, describe what it is like. Do not be too abstract; tell exactly how much time it takes to do the homework, explain the concept of a schedule. Make it exciting. If there is a friend that will go to the same class, things may be more straightforward. It is easier to have someone familiar nearby.

Get Used to It

If there is an opportunity to visit a classroom before the study year starts, do it. First of all, it makes a new space already familiar. Secondly, you’ll share the experience with your offspring.

Now it won’t be as scary for a kid. It is also good to meet the teacher before or at least know one’s name. Maybe the school has some activities that the whole family can attend; it will incorporate education experience in your daily life.

Uniform and Supplies

School Uniform

Another exciting part is buying supplies for school. This is a place to get creative and choose something exciting. Go together to the shop and buy necessities. You may also try something out at home. If a uniform is required in your school, try it out so that the child is used to it and ensure he or she likes the clothes.

Be There for Your Child

Ask your kid about the feelings regarding school. If there any worries, try to solve them together. One must be anxious about such common matters as eating food or going to the toilet. Describe what the discipline is like and what to do when there is an issue. Tell your children that you are always here for them, no matter what.

Learn and Teach Necessary Skills

There is a set of skills that any kid should have before starting school. Do not worry; it is not about speed reading or calculating yet. Here is what a child should be able to do:

  • Getting dressed on their own. Practice changing from uniform to PE sportswear. Putting on winter clothes is also important. Having this trained will reduce your child’s stress;
  • Other important matters are going to the toilet, washing hands, following simple hygiene rules. This is another stress factor. Tell your children that they can go to the restroom at any time when there is the need. Prepare them to ask the teacher during class to do so. Make sure they can use a public toilet on their own.
  • Eating with others. This might also be challenging. Be ready to cook tasty lunches with some favourite dishes. Leave a note there telling about your love and support.
  • Prepare children by reading to them. It is fun together-time and educational exercise at the same time. Try to perform this activity together. In such a way, a kid will get used to the process and will associate some positive experience with it.
  • Every child should know their full name and the names of their parents.
  • Learn about sharing and taking turns. It is especially crucial for those who are the only kid in the family. These children are used to the world where everything revolves around them. Now it is time to work in groups, pairs, and start sharing.
  • Another crucial skill is listening and sitting still. It is quite hard for small children to do yet vital for education. How to train the kids? Choose some still activities to do together, like working on a puzzle or colouring book.



Start preparation earlier to get your kid used to the idea of school. Talk about it and discuss any worries that a child might have.

The essential part is to provide emotional support. Convince your children that nothing is terrifying about the school and that you’ll always be around to help them out. Describe positive things about school, remember your own experience. After all, it is a whole new period of life that will be full of exciting knowledge and good friends.

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