Gently Encouraging Your Husband to Update his Style

As you know, if you have been reading my blog for a while, my husband likes clothes. He wants to look his best and always dresses with style. I swear that he owns more pairs of shoes than I do. For the most part, he buys his own clothes, and cannot tear his eyes away from a shoe shop. However, that does not mean that I never get involved at all when it comes to what he wears.

update husband style

Like most couples, we express our opinions about what the other wears. If your partner looks particularly good in something, it is nice to tell him. It gives him a boost and reminds you of how you are lucky to be married to someone who looks good and is so stylish.

Getting your husband to update his style

We also help each other to move with the times. When it comes to clothes, everyone gets a bit stuck in a rut sometimes. It is important to move with the times a bit and try out some of the latest styles.

Trying something new

Men rarely like to spend a lot of time trying things on, when they shop. They tend to grab something similar to what they usually wear, check the size and go straight to the cash desk. As a result, they rarely try anything new, so often end up not moving with the times, and making themselves look older than they actually are in the process.

Shop Together

For this reason, it is important to go shopping with your husband occasionally. That way you can encourage him to try something a bit different. Special events like weddings are a great excuse for you to hit the shops or browse the web together to find something suitable.

mens style

These days it is often far easier to find affordable men’s suits online than it is at the shopping centre. Curling up on the sofa together and spending half an hour browsing your favourite retailer’s site is a great way to get ideas and find something suitable.

Replace old favourites before they wear out

While we are on the subject of continually wearing the same things, I must mention the ‘favourite jumper’ syndrome. Most of us have favoured items of clothing. Things our hand goes to automatically almost every time we open the wardrobe.

There is no harm in this, but every now and again, these items need to be replaced. For some reason, an awful lot of men will carry on wearing certain items of clothing until they almost fall off them. It does not matter if it is torn and the cuffs are frayed, they will still want to wear it regularly. Whereas a woman is more likely to let go of that item and bin it before it becomes too scruffy.

Use celebrations as opportunities

Birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas are great times to replace these items. It is nice to buy your husband something that you know he will definitely and is likely to wear practically every week. If he has a new jumper that is very similar to his old one, in his hands, he is far more likely to be willing to throw the old one away.

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