uDraw Game Tablet provided the perfect evening!

Regular readers will know that the last couple of days have not been good in the house of Mummy Matters thanks to Little Bean’s behaviour at school but yesterday we were provided with a welcome distraction and a chance to spend some quality mother/daughter time together thanks to the uDraw Game Tablet from THQ.

uDraw Game Tablet

A few days ago I received an invite to attend an event at Cass Art in Islington to experience the uDraw Game Tablet and so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to spend some time alone with Little Bean. I picked her up from school at 2pm to be told that she had been much better today and she excitedly ran out to meet me asking “are we going on the train Mummy?”. We made our way to the train station and arrived just in time to take our seats before our train pulled away from the station. We talked, we sang songs (yes we have no shame!), we read stories, we had big cuddles and we played games on the iPod Touch. Before we knew it we had arrived at Kings Cross and as promised we stopped off at McDonald’s for a bite to eat before making our way back down to the underground to continue our journey. Little Bean was very excited to travel on the ‘moving stairs’ and loved standing for the journey on the Tube, she said that she was a “big girl now”.

UDraw Disney Princess

When we arrived at Cass Art we received a very warm welcome from the team who provided us with refreshments and then directed Little Bean to a Wii console so that she could set to work on playing Disney Princess Enchanting Storybooks with the uDraw Game Tablet. She tentatively listened as Becky explained to her what she needed to do and before long was happy to take over the uDraw herself. Disney Princess is released tomorrow and I can see that it will be a big success. Little Bean worked her way through the storybooks of Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Tiana and Rapunzel, choosing their outfits, dressing their hair, doing dot-to-dot, listening to the stories, tilting her way through the maze and colouring in some of the many pictures. The uDraw is going to be a great tool for developing Little Bean’s hand-eye coordination and in time will also help her with her number sequences.

 DSC_5016 DSC_5003

Whilst Little Bean was busy with the Disney Princesses, I tried my hand at Pictionary where you have to guess words from sketches made by your opponents. The word could be an object, person, action, place, animal and more beside. It is perfect gaming for families as you can choose Adult or Junior clues so the whole family can play together. There are three game modes; Pictionary, Pictionary Mania and Free Draw and with over 2,500 clues that’s a lot of game play.


The uDraw Game Tablet comes with uDraw studio instant artist included in the starter pack which is great for all ages and abilities. Little Bean can try her hand at finger painting, play games or even take part in an Art Masterclass and once your creation is finished you can upload it to www.worldofudraw.com where you can share your artwork with others, print it and email it to your friends and family. You can also find them on facebook.


The uDraw Game Tablet has been available for the Wii since March this year but from 17th November the uDraw Game Tablet became available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

We were sent home with a uDraw Game Tablet and a few games to carry on the fun at home so I will come back to you over the next couple of weeks to let you know how we are getting on.

Disclaimer: We were given a uDraw Game Tablet and games for the purpose of this article. All opinions and words are my own and may not be copied without my express permission.

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