Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt

When asked if we would like to review the Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt I didn’t have to consider it for very long. Beanie Boy has long been one of Tree Fu Tom’s biggest fans, he thinks I don’t see him doing all the Tree Fu moves to make the Tree Fu magic but I do. If I look at him, he stops and pretends he is swatting a fly or something but if I act like I’m not watching I have to stifle a smile/giggle as my brown-eyed boy dances around the room muttering under his breath “turn the magic on, save the day, come on . . .” it really is just so flipping cute I just wish I had bionic eyes that would record it all for me and store it away to keep forever.

Tree Fu Tom

Tree Fu Tom for those who haven’t come across him yet (where have you been) is about a boy who travels into a magical world at the bottom of the garden called Treetopolis where he meets with his friends Twigs, Ariela, ZigZoo, SquirmTum and Treetog. Tom and his best buddy Twigs go on amazing adventures together but they usually end up in danger or faced with a catastrophe. Tom and his friends work together to solve the problem but they need the help of the viewers to make Tree Fu Magic to help Tom. Tree Fu Magic is made by creating movement which makes the Sapstone in Tom’s belt glow, the viewers copy Tom’s moves and then send the magic to him through the TV screen. The special Tree Fu moves have been developed with the help of Specialists/Therapists who help children with movement difficulties and disorders such as Dyspraxia. The Tree Fu moves will assist and enhance the developments of all children at a crucial time in their growth.

Unsurprisingly, children want to dress up as their favourite characters and in the past we had the chance to review the Sapstone Belt and Holopax via our friend MasterC. Unfortunately Beanie Boy never took to the Sapstone Belt because he is quite little and the belt was too big for him but he also didn’t like how hard the plastic of the belt was. Now Tree Fu Tom fans can have the Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt which Beanie Boy has been wearing every day since we received it a week ago!! Now what does that tell you? He has even been wearing it to preschool where he puts it in his tray until it is time for him to come home and then he pops it on again. He has received lots of comments and compliments about his belt let me tell you.


The Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt still has the hard plastic at the front for the Sapstone and the hooks on which ‘Tom’ can hang his special tools like his compass and his microscope, spaces to clip on his Ranger badges and a pouch where he can keep his Ranger notebook and any ‘treasures’ that he finds along his way to record his findings. Being quite small for his age this belt is also way too big for him even on the smallest adjustment but Mummy has managed to alter it slightly so that he can wear it. Personally I think this is a much nicer belt and playset that the previous one and it certainly gets the thumbs up from my little ranger.

Toys which encourage children to get out and explore their surroundings are brilliant because they learn without noticing. Little Bean has been telling me all about the different colours of ladybirds and explaining them to Beanie Boy who has been out ‘ladybird hunting’ with one of our neighbours children. He came home very excitedly at the weekend telling me that she had told him he was an ‘Expert Ladybird Hunter’ because he had found more than anyone else and he told me that it was because he was wearing his Tree Fu Tom Ranger belt.

The Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt is available from SmythsToys.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt free of charge for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.

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  1. Good gracious – I thought it was Tree Fu Tom I didn’t realise it was Beany Boy!! Bless his heart, he looks like he is enjoying himself.

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