Top 10 Foods That Go with Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is one of those sauces that you love or hate?

Foods that go with mayonnaise

According to classical cuisine, mayonnaise sauce is considered one of the “small base or emulsified sauces”, which are characterised by the speed with which they are made and by the emulsion of fat, oil or butter, along with other ingredients.

Mayonnaise was first made in 1756 by a fortuitous event, a chef improvised an egg-and-oil mixture in the kitchen that he named “Mayonnaise”. Since then it has been a delicious accompaniment to our favourite dishes ever since. It has become one of the staples to have in your kitchen.

We know it is a sauce that stands out among food lovers, so here are 10 great meals that go with mayonnaise.

1. Sandwiches

They are a classic in our day to day. They serve for lunch, snack or dinner. One of the best-known mayonnaise sandwiches is the simplest: bread, tomato slices, and mayonnaise.

This combination of flavours can save you on hot days, and you can also add extra ingredients, try the following recipe: take some slices of bread and add a slice of ham, a slice of cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise.

2. French fries

French fries are one of those foods that you could eat time and time again without getting bored. Unfortunately, they are not a very healthy option and their consumption should be limited.

But without a doubt accompanying French fries with mayonnaise is an option that never goes out of style. If you run out of mayo, you can use tomato sauce or ketchup, which is a good substitute for mayonnaise in this situation.

3. Wraps

Wraps are a light and healthy food. They are quick and easy to make. One of its great advantages is you can fill them as you like.

This is where sauces like mayonnaise come into play. Try making some wraps with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and add meat. Our suggestion is you add chicken or bacon, and voila!

4. Salads

Foods that go with mayonnaise

Like wraps, salads are a very healthy and fast option. Almost any salad will go well with a little mayonnaise.

Our recommendation would be the Hawaiian salad: put lettuce on a plate and add corn, pineapple, cooked ham and mayonnaise.

5. Fish

Fish is one of these foods that goes very well with mayonnaise, who doesn’t enjoy the classic fish and chips?

There are many fish recipes that can go great with this sauce. Try adding it to fillets of hake, baked cod, or mini tacos of tuna and avocado.

6. Stuffed eggs

Easy and tasty food that can always save us from a rush.

Stuffed eggs are a typical dish in many homes. You can fill them in many ways, but the most typical is to separate the cooked yolk from the egg and mix it with tuna and mayonnaise.

Then with this mixture, the cooked eggs are refilled. It’s a very fresh meal perfect for summer days.

7. Meat

Not all meats go perfectly with mayonnaise. The most usual thing is to enjoy this sauce with turkey, chicken and pork.

Try making some rolls with chicken, avocado, cheese and mayonnaise. This easy recipe never fails.

8. Potato salad

The star ingredient in many potato salads is mayonnaise.

It is a very appetising combination and that can provide us with many nutrients. A recipe would be, for example, the Russian salad, which consists of mixing cooked potatoes with carrots, eggs, peas, peppers, olives and a large portion of mayonnaise.

9. Burgers

Foods that go with mayonnaise

Like sandwiches, hamburgers go very well with mayonnaise.

You can create the hamburger completely to your liking and add a little mayonnaise to give it the final touch, a delight!

10. Pasta

It may sound a little strange, but mayonnaise can indeed go well with certain pasta dishes.

Here you can let your imagination run wild, but for a better result use mayonnaise in dishes that require cold pasta.

As you have seen, there are many options when it comes to accompanying food with mayonnaise. Just remember it is not the healthiest sauce, do not abuse it!

Top 10 foods that go with mayonnaise

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