Tips to Help Save Cash in Simple Ways

When people take a step back and look at their monthly outgoings, many things could probably be reduced, or there may be ample opportunities to save cash. Some people find money from month to month tough, and this is then compounded when it comes to times like Christmas where there may be an expectation for them to spend money on the children and family members. There are many different simple things that people can do save cash, and we have listed some suggestions below.

Energy Bills

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One of the biggest outgoing bills people have each month is their energy bill. This will include electricity and gas, depending on what energy source the household has. There are many different comparison sites that you can use to get quotes. If you know roughly what your energy consumption is going to be then this helps with the estimate. Don’t just jump immediately at the cheapest price you see online as there may be some small print that you need to be aware of. This can include potential set up fees or even cancellation notice periods.

Once you have an acceptable quote, you could then call the company to talk through any questions you have. Some of these energy firms also give you a couple of dollars saving per month if you choose to go for paperless bills instead of sending them through the post.

You should also spend some time checking out how old the wiring and plumbing are in your home. Old wiring can increase how high your electricity bills are. Old pipes can have numerous hidden leaks, rust, and more. These will both increase the amount you spend on your bills. The best thing to do here is to call Mr Flow Plumbing Services and a qualified local electrician to give everything a once over. If you do have leaks or faulty wiring, they can be fixed, and you will see that saving return pretty quickly. 

You could also consider going for solar panel installation, which has become extremely popular in certain countries. Solar panel installation in Ontario is top-rated and something that many households are having completed. There are clearly some immediate installation charges with this sort of project, but if you weigh this up over the costs of your monthly payments, you will see a massive reduction. When you look at solar power in Ontario companies, they can give you rough estimates based on your current energy consumption.

After installation, they also don’t just wash their hands of you; they will look to support you through any maintenance and servicing of these panels. The level of servicing and support you receive is up to you. The popularity of solar panels becomes very evident when you are taking a flight, and the plane is low enough for you to see the roofs of people’s houses. There are thousands of homes now with solar panels installed on their roofs, which is completely visible from the air. For more information on solar panels look on this site.

Internet Provider


In 2019, there is hardly a household that does not have internet connections. People now communicate and operate very differently from how they did a decade ago, and the internet connection now seems to be a necessity rather than a privilege. As a result, there are loads of different companies out there looking to give you a connection for your home. You will see numerous adverts online and on television. Like energy bills, you can do this via a comparison site to see the different companies and what prices they are offering.

There will also be details of the maximum speeds available in your area so you can ensure that the internet company will provide you with the maximum possible. A way to save on this can be to use a company that does a bundle package – this could be that you get a reduction in your internet monthly fee if you use the same company for your phone (as an example). This also helps you be a more loyal person to a company, and this can sometimes give you some perks.

If you are satisfied with your current internet provider and have been a loyal customer, then you could call them up and give them a bluff. Sometimes telling them that you want to cancel your membership as you see it cheaper elsewhere could initiate a reduction in your prices. This is common for many service providers, but consumers are not brave enough to follow through on this. You would need to be stern on the phone and give them real confidence that you will be disappointed as a loyal customer and go elsewhere if they do not reduce your bill.


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A high outgoing cost to people is the cost of groceries every week. Clearly, people need to eat, what they eat, and its quantity affects the overall groceries price. There are some simple things you can do on this to try and minimise the expenditure:

  • Make a list – When people turn up at a grocery store and start buying food, they often buy far too much. This clearly then costs a lot more money, but it also results in waste. If you make a list in advance of going to the store, you will be far more likely to comply with this and buy just what you need.
  • Shop Loyalty – Many stores reward customers for their loyalty. If you go back, again and again, you could receive discount vouchers or money off your shops. This sort of loyalty program shouldn’t be the primary reason you shop with one brand; however, if you are shopping in that store regularly, you should opt into any loyalty program to get some of the benefits.
  • Check Online – Many people decide to do their shopping online without even stepping outside. This can be dangerous as the website will no doubt be set up to give you pop-ups and prompts on the latest promotions and try to get you to add more things to your overall shopping basket. Keep an eye on the promotions (as it may be something you are interested in) but be cautious as the stores are likely to push this quite hard with the customers on the site.
  • Brands – It is common for people to buy popular brands in a store without considering the supermarkets’ own making. There have been many documentaries on this sort of thing, and generally, you will find that the supermarket own-brand items are of similar quality levels to other popular makes. By changing your shopping completely so that for all the items you purchase, you are looking to do this only by purchasing the supermarket brands, you will likely to reduce your bill by at least 40%.


Train Station

Depending on how you commute each day will determine what can be saved in terms of transport. Unfortunately, transport prices are continuing to rise constantly for most modes of transport. This include by motor vehicle, train and plane.

  • Motor Vehicle – Travelling by car is usually seen as the most convenient way to get from A to B, but it can also be quite costly in fuel needed for the car. The fuel price fluctuates significantly depending on the price of oil and any taxes that the local government adds. Garages that are selling fuel in isolated areas are normally the ones that charge the most money. Therefore, it would be an idea to top up your fuel at garages out-with small towns where there can be a lower price paid. If you use your motor vehicle for short distances (maybe travelling to work), you could also consider dumping the car and walking or cycling. Many states in the US are making their roads far more friendly for bikes making this a far more attractive option. In addition to this, many workplaces are initiating bike “Cycle to Work” schemes to try and encourage others to drive this way.
  • Train – The price of train tickets is contentious as these fluctuate significantly, and depending on the day/time you are looking to travel, there are massive differences. You will find that tickets are far cheaper at off-peak times. Have a look at the times you are travelling and see if there are any opportunities to reduce what you are paying out by changing the times.
  • Flights – If you need to travel from time to time – may be to get to work or visit family, one of the best ways to get cheaper tickets is to book these well in advance. Many years ago, it used to the other way about where people would wait till the last minute when booking a flight as if the aircraft was not popular in terms of bookings; airlines would lower the price significantly. This is generally not the case now; therefore, booking this well in advance is the way to potentially save some cash.

Gym Membership

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Sadly, over 40% of people who are members of a gym are not active members. People initiate these sorts of memberships with the right intent, but not many people use them regularly. Some people then have that to exit a gym; they may be tied into a contract over a certain term (sometimes over a year), and to try and leave, they may need to write letters or similar.

This can be seen as an inconvenience and difficult to execute; however, if you are not actively using the gym, this should be followed to reduce your monthly payments. Alternatively, if you are an active member of a gym but maybe only use cardio machines, you may be far more cost-effective to an elliptical, exercise bike or treadmill for your home. Purchasing them brand new may cost a lot of money; however, you could purchase them from an online auction site. Another option would be to use the great outdoors to go a run and not rely on going to a gym using a treadmill.



People like the finer things in life, and even if the money is tight, it is still important to let your hair down from time to time and maybe got to a restaurant occasionally. This does not need to be an expensive outgoing, and by planning this effectively, you could get a bit of a bargain. The first thing you should do is jump online and see the type of restaurant you are looking for and their reviews (to ensure that it isn’t flooded with negative feedback). You should then look at the website to see if the restaurant offers any special promotions or offers. This could be things such as a 2 for 1 offer on a Monday to Thursday, or if you book in advance, you could get a certain discount.

When making a booking, you should always do this by phone and ask them if they offer any other discounts. You may find that if you work for a certain company, the restaurant may want to give you further discounts if you can prove your employment. Some restaurants websites may ask you for your email details to also send you their promotions and offers from time to time. Just keep an eye on your spam inbox to ensure that they do not filter their way into that box.

You can also do searches online for “voucher codes” when you have decided what restaurant you are looking to go to. These are common and will offer discounts on the overall bill or do things such as add a bottle of wine for free. Clearly, tipping is also conventional in restaurants but read the cheque carefully. Sometimes the service charge is already included in the overall bill, which would then mean you do not need to add any more (you can if you want, though). Many people get caught out on this, where they added another 15% or more to the bill when the tip was already included.

Make sure to try out these things to save some cash in a simple way.

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  1. Some fantastic tips! I always use comparison sites to find a better deal, it’s all about saving the pennies! I am far too easily distracted by shiny things though, things I don’t actually need – I certainly need to work on not being so much of a hoarder! 😉 Sim x

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