Why It Is Time To Upgrade To A Mac

Windows has always been the go-to operating system for so many. We’ve been using it now for a few decades, and it just seems to be something that is always there, and we use it because it’s what we know.

The biggest competition to the Windows status quo has always come from Apple. For the last thirty years or so, Microsoft and Apple have had some of the most significant rivalries in consumer history.

Apple macbook

Microsoft’s key strength lies in its ability to provide an easy to use operating system that will work on any computer. Meaning you can get to use Windows, whatever the cost of the machine. Apps and software can be created and run on Windows easily, and for all intents and purposes, it is quite adaptable.

Apple has always offered a well-built machine that comes with its own operating system pre-installed. The concept that Apple works to is a closed system. The technology that surrounds Macs has always been proprietary, and the lack of outside influence on the equipment and software means that there is less chance of your system being tainted.

But, if you are a PC user, there are many reasons that you might want to consider moving over to using an Apple Mac.

These Days You Can Run Your Favourite Software On A Mac

One of the primary reasons people would be put off from getting a Mac in the past was the fact that so many favourite PC software choices were not available on the Mac. In the last few years, however, this has changed. You can now run applications such as Microsoft Office on your Mac, giving you the potential to keep on using Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Then there is the potential to continue using your Google Docs. It works slightly different, but finding out how to use Google Drive on Mac is easy.

The Security Features Are Unparalleled

A big tick in favour of Apple comes from the fact that they are very hot on security. Known for being able to fight off any type of cyber attack, in these days where online crime is on the rise, a Mac will give you the protection you need.

From antivirus to malware protection, and firewall, a Mac has it all covered within the operating system.

They Are Smooth Operators

When you fire up an Apple Mac, you know that you are dealing with a well-made piece of equipment. The fact that all of the components have been carefully selected, and are the best that they can be, which means that they are designed to last, and to withstand the use that you might throw at them.

Firmware updates see to it that your Mac runs all of the time very smoothly, but optimizing all of the hardware. Because Apple has control of the software, and the equipment; you’ll never find conflicts between the two that you might find on PC. Everything runs well by design.

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