The Importance of Protein & Fiber in Your Child’s Diet

Providing your child with a balanced, healthy diet is an ideal approach to keeping them healthy, even during the months when immune systems start to falter. However, not every parent knows the nutrients to address for wellness. Protein and fiber are two essential nutrients that keep your child healthy and on track. Find out why protein and fiber are so crucial to growing kids and how to include more sources in their regular diets. 

Protein Powers Healthy Growth 

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Since people are made of protein, it is an essential source of energy and nutrients that support development. However, of all the amino acids that make up protein, the body can only create 11 on its own. People should look to nutrient-dense foods to supplement a healthy diet for the rest of the protein compounds. 


Children aren’t typically opposed to protein, making it easier to include in regular mealtimes. There is a little fight over organic chicken nuggets or scrambled eggs without wondering are preservatives safe. However, there are other sources of protein that you might not have reached for first, including: 

  • Trail mix with nuts 
  • Teriyaki salmon patties 
  • Shawarma and pita 
  • Lentil soup 
  • String cheese 
  • Greek yogurt with berries 

Fiber Helps Keep Kids Fit and Full 

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A high-fiber diet isn’t just for folks who are older. Fiber is essential to keep growing kids healthy and functioning. There are two primary benefits to high-fiber foods that increase the nutrients. The earlier you can include fiber, the better 


Kids chronically have tummy aches. Part of the ever-present tummy problems for littles is that they are just learning which foods settle well with them and which foods aren’t so great. Another reason kids complain about stomach issues is the propensity to be dehydrated, thanks to high activity levels. Some children just don’t slow down and can quickly run out of steam if they don’t have enough water. The combination of not having enough water and fiber can lead to constipation. Fiber and wellements organic constipation aid in healthy digestion. 


High-fiber foods are also dense with vitamins and nutrients. High-fiber foods are some of the most nutrient-rich foods there are. More than one study has linked fiber-rich food sources to reduce the risks of:

  • Cancers 
  • Obesity 
  • Heart disease


Thanks to the heavy reliance on fruits and vegetables, fiber can be a little trickier to squeeze into your child’s diet if you have a picky eater. However, don’t give up hope because there are hacks to get in those daily fiber grams and organic iron supplement for toddlers

  • Smoothies with berries and kale 
  • Turkey wrap with a whole-grain tortilla 
  • Kidney beans and rice 
  • Fiber cereal with almond milk
  • Pb&j on whole grain bread, crust optional 
  • Frozen fruit pops 

Why Is Protein & Fiber Important?

rotein & Fibre in Your Child's Diet

The presence of protein and fiber increases healthy development. As a result, the odds are that your child will hit learning milestones on time, grow socially alongside peers, and maintain a robust immune system to ward off illnesses.

The Importance of Protein & Fiber in Your Child's Diet 1

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