4 Easy to Follow Tips for Staying Healthy

There is no magic pill for staying healthy. Better health and wellness are all about lifestyle changes. Healthy eating, regular exercise, weight loss and skin protection, will go a long way towards improved health. Today, we’ll tackle each of these elements.

staying healthy

Healthy Eating

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: You are what you eat. It’s so true. Food is fuel. When you add the right ingredients in the right doses at the right times, your body will function optimally. Add in all the wrong ingredients, and you will starve your body of much-needed nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other necessary elements.   

Nobody would think of putting diesel in a petrol engine, but we often feed our bodies with the worst carcinogens imaginable. These include excessive alcohol, saturated fats, carbohydrates, salt, sugar, et al. To function well, our bodies need a balanced eating plan. That’s what nutritionists refer to as healthy eating.

 Fortunately, we can augment our healthy eating diet with supplements. These vitamins, minerals, and nutrient-rich products are designed to supercharge our health. It’s important to choose your supplements wisely. Not every manufacturer is created equally. Among the leading brands is Cannabotech which uses a proprietary formula to boost health, wellness, and immunity against bacteria, viruses, and disease.  

Formulated from high-quality dried magic mushrooms that are rich in antioxidants, these health and wellness-strengthening superfoods have proven their worth over the years. The right supplements can improve your sleep, help you to destress, balance your mood, boost your immune system, and strengthen your bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints.

Regular Exercise

regular exercise

Some folks love to exercise; others loathe it. Regardless, it is vital to your health and wellness. Two categories of exercises are available, with hybrid variations of each. These include cardiovascular workouts and strength-training exercises. 

Walking, jogging, and running are great for circulation, joints, and endurance. Weight training is super for building bone density, strengthening muscle, and packing on lots of extra power.  

Exercise includes meditation-style activities such as yoga or high-intensity mind-body workouts like Pilates. These exercises are great for recovering from injury and maintaining muscle control, tone, and definition.   

Some folks enjoy sports like tennis, rowing, swimming, badminton, basketball, football, rugby, or cricket as their chosen activity. A regular exercise regimen is sacrosanct. Exercise frequency depends upon the individual but is also a function of exercise intensity and duration.

Weight Loss

 Obesity is dangerous on many levels. It increases your risk of stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack, and other diseases, conditions, and ailments. But more than that, obesity places excess pressure on your joints. It can exacerbate and accelerate arthritis, muscle deterioration, and impede overall health and wellness.  

Obesity can result from insulin resistance. The condition may be genetic, despite our best efforts. As good fortune would have it, healthy eating and regular exercise can help.

 Dispense with sugar-loaded carbonated beverages, pizzas, pasta, and junk food and replace them with protein-rich, nutrient-rich, clean foods. Salmon, tuna, lean beef, salads, berries, fruits, vegetables, and other antioxidant-rich foods will go a long way towards balancing out weight issues, along with other healthy living lifestyle changes. 

It’s tough to exercise with excess pounds. But once the weight starts peeling off, it’s so rewarding. Weight loss is a sensitive issue for many folks, so we should consider it cautiously. 

Skin Protection

Skin protection

 Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies. It is exposed to all the elements, such as bacteria and viruses, UV rays, dirt, grime, grease, chemicals, et al. Skin protection is often overlooked as part of a healthy lifestyle. Skin cancer is a leading cause of death in the US.  In the United States, it is the most common form of cancer and 20% of Americans will develop it before they are 70 years of age. According to stats, some 48 people die of skin cancer in the US every day.

Skin cancer ranks as the #19 most common form of cancer in the UK. It makes up 1% of cancer deaths (2018 stats). Skin protection is also about moisturizing, cleaning, and covering up so that your skin is not exposed to potential carcinogens.

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