A Trip Down Memory Lane: My Wedding Day Recollection

Ah, weddings – those grand affairs where love is celebrated amidst a flurry of flowers and laughter. On my own wedding day, as I walked down the aisle towards my future spouse, time seemed to stand still. The world blurred around me while each step brought me closer to an unknown yet thrilling adventure called marriage. Looking back now, those moments are like fragments of a beautiful dream – vivid yet fleeting. So come along with me as we dust off these cherished memories and embark on a nostalgic trip through time to revisit The Day That Changed Everything: My Wedding Day Recollection.

Sleepless Anticipation

A Trip Down Memory Lane: My Wedding Day Recollection 1

Surprisingly, I didn’t sleep very well the night before my wedding. My wedding dress hung at the front of my wardrobe, serving as the last thing I saw before I closed my eyes and the first thing that greeted me in the morning.

The Blink of an Eye

Isn’t it fascinating how months or even years of wedding planning can suddenly culminate in a single day that seems to pass in the blink of an eye?

A House Full of Loved Ones

On the morning of our wedding, my house quickly filled with loved ones – my Mum, my bridesmaids (my sister-in-law and two cousins, one of whom marries today), and the hairdresser responsible for beautifying the bridesmaids.

The Importance of Breakfast

I made sure to have a hearty breakfast, knowing I might be too nervous or too engrossed in conversations later to eat during the wedding breakfast.

The Hair Dilemma

I took a shower but lamented the fact that I couldn’t wash my hair, something I thoroughly enjoyed. The hairdresser insisted dirty hair would be easier to style. A sacrifice for beauty!

Gifts and Photo Sessions

My brother-in-law arrived with stunning flowers and thoughtful gifts from my soon-to-be husband. Curly, my stepson, revelled in the attention of all the guests and quickly became the star of the impromptu photo shoot with the photographer.

The Emotional Dressing Moment

A Trip Down Memory Lane: My Wedding Day Recollection 2

Finally, the time had come to put on my wedding dress. The moment I had eagerly anticipated had arrived, and I was overwhelmed with emotion as I looked at myself in the mirror.

Street Farewell

We posed for photographs in the garden with my Mum, Curly, and the bridesmaids before stepping out into the street, where our neighbours had gathered to wish us well.

The Never-Ending Drive

The drive to the venue felt like an eternity, and we even had to make a pit stop to ensure we didn’t arrive too early. During this time, I had a heartfelt chat with my Mum.

A Memorable Entrance

As we pulled up to the venue, guests lined the road, waiting to catch a glimpse of the bride. And, in typical fashion, I bumped my shoulder on the car door frame while getting out—classic me!

A Civil Ceremony in an Old Coach House

Our wedding occurred in a civil ceremony at a charming old Coach House. I had to meet with the Registrar upstairs to confirm my identity before the ceremony.

The Nervous Wait

Those few minutes alone in that room felt like an eternity, and my nerves ran sky-high. I’m grateful I was so sure about marrying him; otherwise, I might have considered making a quick exit. Then, Jo, the Wedding Co-ordinator, arrived to escort me down for the ceremony.

The Aisle Moment

A Trip Down Memory Lane: My Wedding Day Recollection 3

With my hand on my Mum’s arm, the doors opened wide. To my surprise and sheer amazement, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh, shit!” as I saw 60 faces staring back at me. But most importantly, I saw the beaming face of my soon-to-be husband, tears in his eyes, and a smile that could light up the world.

Three Years of Cherished Memories

A Trip Down Memory Lane: My Wedding Day Recollection 4

Three years have passed, but I still vividly remember our wedding ceremony. We added a special vow to include Curly, recognizing that our little family was officially becoming one.

A Magical Celebration

Following the ceremony, we enjoyed photographs of the beautiful grounds and a delightful meal, although I must admit, I can’t quite recall what we ate. The speeches, particularly my Brother-in-Law’s (Best Man), with his witty humour, were a hit.

The Dreaded First Dance

The moment I had been dreading had arrived—the first dance! We had taken dance lessons to have a ‘proper’ dance to Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.” from The Lion King – the first musical that Simon took me to see on our first Valentine’s together. However, the day before our wedding, I had walked into a table the day before, splitting my little toe open. Dancing in pointy-toed cream silk shoes wasn’t exactly comfortable, but I survived with only one noticeable misstep.

A Day to Remember

A Trip Down Memory Lane: My Wedding Day Recollection 5

Our wedding day was truly magical, exactly as we had envisioned it. If anything went wrong, it certainly didn’t register with us. Our guests showered us with compliments about the venue and how much they enjoyed the celebration.

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    • Thank you, it is such a special day. I spoke to my cousin the day after her wedding and she said the same as me – she looked at her beautiful dress hung up and thought – oh, I want to wear it again. To be honest I’d love to just be able to fit in mine again!

  1. I love the look on your face as you and S are walking back down the aisle after being MARRIED! You’re a lovely couple and I’m glad to know you! 😉

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