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We are now three months into our new Tetra Aqua Explorer Aquarium, and I am delighted to tell you that our fish are doing really well; we can actually see that a couple of them have grown already. The children used to argue over whose turn it was to feed the fish (because they all wanted to do it), so now we have a rota set up so that they each get their turn and the fish don’t get fed too much.

Why fishkeeping is great for children?

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  • The most obvious answer to this one is they don’t need to walk them so all of the care is done within the home.
  • Caring for animals can help a child’s personal development through teaching responsibility and a duty of care.
  • Aquariums have a soothing and calming effect, great for children who are easily stressed.
  • Teaches children about habitats and behaviour.
  • Great for children with allergies; many children (and parents) are allergic to pet hair, so fishkeeping is a great alternative as a pet.

Basic aquarium positioning for beginners

For many years I kept coldwater fish such as goldfish as these are one of the easiest fish to care for, and they need they do not need their water to be heated, so it is a more cost-effective outlay to get started.

  • Do not place your aquarium in direct view of the window or near any heat source, such as a radiator
  • Do not place your aquarium near draughts
  • Try to position your aquarium in a low-traffic area so that your fish are not disturbed by bumps and bangs
  • Ensure that you can get easy access to the top of your aquarium for feeding and general maintenance

Essential Aquarium Equipment for Beginners


The 18L My First Aquarium is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a safe way of introducing pets, and the aquarium can be used as a home to a range of fish. The aquarium comes as a complete kit, including the Tetra EasyCrystal filter and two additional cartridges alongside gravel and a fantastic to allow children to get creative. New fish will also receive the nutrition they need from the start thanks to a sachet of TetraMin food and a small sample of Tetra AquaSafe to ensure the aquarium water is safe and ready for its new arrivals. The 18L My First Aquarium is set to provide hours of fun for children with the help of a group of friendly fish characters called Tiny Tetra, Bubbles, Gil, Finn and Flo.

The Tetra My First Aquarium is available from June with an RRP of £34.99**. For more information about Tetra, please visit http://www.tetra.net/en or check out Tetra UK on Facebook.

Your chance to win!!

In partnership with Tetra, I am delighted to be offering the 18L My First Aquarium to one lucky Mummy Matters reader. All you have to do to secure your chance to win is complete the Gleam Entry tasks below. I have given you a free entry to get you started. Good luck xx

Tetra 18L My First Aquarium Set

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