• safe on the road

    Tips For Staying Safe On The Road

    When we all learn to drive, we’re taught all sorts of ways to drive correctly and we adhere to the highway code. However, when you’ve been driving many years, these safe ways of driving can be replaced with our own habits and we tend to forget some of the basic driving methods that we were […]

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  • Pedestrian safety

    Pedestrian Safety Tips for the Whole Family

    The sun has finally reappeared after days of rain, and your kids are ready to bolt out the door. Rather than just turn them loose in the garden, suggest a walk to the park for the whole family, including grandparents. Not only will it be a good exercise for everyone, but the excursion is also […]

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  • Safe seasonal driving: Christmas

    Are you planning to pack up the family for a car journey to visit relatives this Christmas? Travelling during the holiday season can be stressful—heavy traffic, icy surfaces, and drunk drivers are three of the biggest hazards that holiday drivers face in the run-up to Christmas. Keep your family safe by following these tips: Plan […]

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